The Best Chakra Incense Sticks In 2021 Review

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The benefits of yoga and meditation in one’s life are undeniable. If you are one of those who love these activities to boost your mental health everyday, you need some Chakra incense sticks. They are made to enhance the functioning of the seven chakras that are receptors of the universal energy. So why burning these incense during meditation helps and what are the best Chakra incense sticks for you? Learn more about them in this article.


The Best Chakra Incense Sticks In 2021 Review


What are Chakra incense sticks?

For those who don’t know, the word Chakra means “wheel”.  And our body has seven main Chakras that relate to its significant areas. The way it works is that energy will travel up the spine through these Chakras to bring balance and harmony.

With that said, when all the Chakras are open, the energy flows freely. On the other hand, if a Chakra is blocked, our body manifests physical and emotional traits relating to that Chakra. As a result, we will lose that balance.

As we already mentioned, each Chakra is located physiologically at an area of your body, serving a specific purpose and having its individual qualities. If you have been to a yoga class, your teachers would probably tell you how each Chakra affects us emotionally and physically. And blocked Chakras can contribute to some of our physical or emotional issues. So the 7 main Chakras include:

  • Muladhara – Root Chakra – Red
  • Svadhisthana – Sacral Chakra – Orange
  • Manipura – Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
  • Anahata – Heart Chakra – Green
  • Vishuddha – Throat Chakra – Blue
  • Ajna – Third Eye Chakra – Indigo
  • Sahasrara – Crown Chakra – White/Violet


the seven chakra


Why should you use Chakra incense sticks?

We can do a lot of things to influence the Chakras, such as meditation, asana, sound healing, scents, or more. Some people like using essential oils, however, the oils can make your yoga mat slippery and your skin can be prone to react. Obviously, you can balance Chakras with yoga poses, but sometimes you need a little extra by using Chakra incense sticks to boost and unblock the Chakras easily.

In addition, each Chakra has a different scent, element, physiological and psychological properties. They come in different colors too. So how to choose the best Chakra incense sticks to make your lives easier?


The Best Chakra Incense Sticks Review

Now, we will review some of the best Chakra incense sticks that you can use during yoga or meditation.

#1: 7 Chakra Hem Incense Sticks -Standard Version

Highlight features:

  • Burning time: 35-45 minutes
  • Dimensions: 25.6 x 9.3 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 299 gms
  • Quantity: 6 hex tubes of 20g each
  • Perfect for gifting: Combined with brass inlaid sesame wooden incense cone holder, it makes for a unique gifting concept
  • Storage: Store away from inflammable areas


  • Unpleasant smells, not ideal for those who are sensitive to smells


7 Chakra Hem Incense Sticks - Standard Version

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broken heart Buy On Amazon


The 7 Chakra Hem Incense Sticks are powerful activating fragrance that can be perfectly used to start your day during your meditation. Not only can they freshen up your mind, body, but they can also relieve stress, anxiety and improve your sleep quality.

HEM has had more than 30 years of development and they have exported their Chakra incense sticks to 72 countries. So you can trust the brand to deliver natural and high quality products. This collection is a combination of traditional and modern fragrant incense packs from HEM. It comes with a stunning sesame wood coffin incense cone burner, making it an ideal gift.

You should use these incense sticks on the incense stick stand and they should be lit away from any source of inflammation such as wire or wood. Make sure to read the usage instructions carefully and do not use them differently. You can store them in cool, dark, dry, non-inflammable areas.

Besides, if you are prone to allergies, don’t forget to test for allergy by first using the incense or dhoop stick for a few minutes. There are different types of fragrances so just buy one that you are not allergic to.


#2: TOMOKO White Sage Smudge Product (Chakra Incense)

Highlight features:

  • Burning time: 60 minutes or more every time.
  • Product Dimensions: 1 x 1 x 1 inches
  • Item Weight: 5.3 ounces
  • Quantity: 7 sets with 150 grams of incense each.


  • They can be infested with fleas


TOMOKO White Sage Smudge Product (Chakra Incense)

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This Chakra incense sticks selection is a high quality product from TOMOKO that helps restore balance to your chakras. The incense sticks are made from traditional blends of fragrant herbs, offering the smells of lotus, lily, patchouli, sweet rose, basil, amber, cinnamon, minty lavender, and vetivert.

Users can rest assured that this collection is natural and eco-friendly. They weren’t dipped in artificial fragrance and were hand rolled on bamboo sticks following ancient traditions. Each time you use these sticks, they can last 60 minutes or more, filling your room with the perfect aroma for your yoga or meditation practice.

Using these incense sticks can help you purify, heal, inspire creativity and fight off depression. Not to mention, they can be useful to treat anxiety, headaches or a common cold. They are ideal for anyone looking to embrace their spirituality, purify, protect or just peacefully relax.


#3: Chakras incense sticks made with natural bamboo

Highlight features:

  • Burning time: 20 minutes
  • Product Dimensions: 12 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight: 14.7 ounces
  • Quantity: 7-Chakras-Kit
  • Scent: Aromatherapy
  • Specific Uses: Yoga, Aromatherapy, Scenting, Meditation, Reiki


  • Smoke heavily while burning and smoke smell can overpower almost all of the scent


Chakras incense sticks made with natural bamboo

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These Chakra incense sticks not only can promote your well being and inner peace, but also offer relaxation with amazing scents of Patchouli, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Bergamotte, Sandalwood, Rose, Frankincense, Peppermint, Sage, and Lotus.

They are made with natural essential oils and are designed for chakra activation, which is perfect for your yoga or meditation. Besides, these sticks are wrapped packets for easy gifting to a friend or family member. They don’t contain any nasty chemicals such as petrochemical products, charcoal or alcohol.

Furthermore, these Chakra incense sticks are long lasting and come with a free wooden incense burner, making it so convenient and easy for you to use.


#4: Divine Magick 7 Chakra incense sticks

Highlight features:

  • Product Dimensions: 11.81 x 8.66 x 0.79 inches
  • Item Weight: 8.4 ounces
  • Pleasant smells for yoga and meditation


  • Burn too fast


#4. Divine Magick 7 Chakra Incense Sticks 15gms - 7 Packs

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These incense sticks packages come with different chakra scents that will make you happy when using them. They offer an amazing smell, however, they burn quite fast so you might wish to have them last a little longer.

Not to mention, the packaging is nice and brings so much incense. That’s why this product can also be a great gift for friends or families who do yoga or meditation everyday. These Chakra incense sticks have an affordable price for such a good amount of product. They can effectively fill your room with a pleasant but not overwhelming smell.


#5: Chakra & Luck Ultra Premium Natural Incense Sticks

Highlight features:

  • Quantity: 7 Chakras from Crown to Root with Bonus Wood Holder
  • Package Dimensions: 10.63 x 8.07 x 0.79 inches
  • Item Weight: 7.4 ounces
  • Burning time: 60 minutes
  • Hand blended and rolled following ancient traditions.
  • Usage: Aromatherapy, Yoga, Meditation, Healing, Soothing, Prayer and Romance Premium Incense.


  • You might need to relight the sticks over again


Chakra & Luck Ultra Premium Natural Incense Sticks

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This collection comes with 7 packs that contain 10 incense sticks in each pack, they are made from pure and natural ingredients, including essential oils and herbs. These handcrafted incense sticks can be used to freshen up mind and body, as well as lighten up your mood.

When you have a bad day, using them is very helpful. Besides, you can use them to relieve stress and anxiety, improve your sleep quality and eliminate negative energy. One set includes Lotus, Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and Cedar.

These incense sticks can last more than 60 minutes which is ideal for meditation or yoga lovers. The set also comes with a wooden incense burner, which is so convenient for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section will provide more information and answer some questions that you mind have about these incense sticks.

1. What does Chakra incense mean?

Chakra incense sticks are the type of incense that mix different ingredients and powerful herbs, flora, and spices to help in self-realization with the seven Chakras. Using the ancient old technique, this incense is very effective to balance and enhance all our chakras.

2. What are the benefits of chakra incense?

Burning the Chakra incense sticks during yoga, meditation, or prayer can help cleanse and clear the air and make a space sacred. Besides, they can help calm your mind and induce a meditative state.

The first benefit of chakra incense is purification. The soothing incense fragrance will enter your chakra stream and eject or flush out the negative energy.

Another effect of Chakra incense sticks is that it allows for easy meditation. When the fragrance enters your brain, you will immediately feel relaxed to meditate.

Furthermore, the Chakra incense sticks can also be used to manage your anger. We know how irrational our actions tend to be when the anger is not controlled. Therefore, whenever you feel angry, just light up a chakra incense stick and see the magic.

Not many people know that incense sticks are a powerful manifestation energy. When you use them, you will become more enthusiastic and proactive towards your goals.

In addition, they have a good effect on your sleep as well. These incense sticks are capable of resetting the circadian rhythm in the body, releasing the relaxing scents in your bedroom to cure many somnipathies. They also help change the way you wake up.

Not to mention, the incenses keep your rooms aerated in your house and fill them with clean scents that attract positive energy. As a result, they can bring you prosperity. Using them, you might also be able to communicate with your guardian angel.

If you are looking for a magic tool to freshen up the mind and body, as well as relieve your stress and anxiety, you need to burn some Chakra incense sticks in your room.


Chakra & Luck Ultra Premium Natural Incense Sticks


3. How to use Chakra incense sticks?

It’s easy and simple, you just need to place an incense stick in an incense burner stand. Then light it up and let the fragrance travel in space. You can use them during yoga or meditation. Or sometimes when you feel a little under the weather, these incense sticks can be used to make you feel better, help you find balance and recover.

You can even just light the incense in the house while doing chores, writing or doing asana. It helps connect a little deeper to your practice, especially in meditation.

4. What does Chakra incense smell like?

As we mentioned, Chakra incense is made from different ingredients and powerful herbs, flora, and spices. So when you burn it, it releases smokes that smell like fragrances. However, you shouldn’t burn all the scents at the same time.

5. Does burning incense hurt your lungs?

The Chakra incense is a 100% natural incense, it doesn’t include any chemical so it won’t hurt your lungs. These natural incense sticks contain fragrant flowers such as petals, roots, wood, and resins without any preservatives or dyes.

As long as you use natural and pure incense sticks, the smoke will be fresh. However, you should not trust chemical incense sticks. Also, the smells of natural and organic incense sticks can be changing because they are often handmade.


In Conclusion

So you know the benefits of Chakra incense sticks to your mind and your body as well as the best Chakra incense sticks to buy. It’s time to do the shopping and enjoy these fragrances during your yoga and meditation practice. You don’t even need to believe in the Chakras to try this out. Just use them and you will see the good effects.


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