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Lavender incense is one of the earliest used incense in the world. The use of this scent originates from the countries of the Mediterranean region. Today, this type of incense is popular in most countries around the world.

With a passionate aroma and long-lasting scent, lavender incense sticks have many spiritual meanings. It will help you focus in meditation, open the crown chakra, enhance creativity in work and life. Besides, this type of incense also has many health benefits, such as enhancing relaxation, reducing stress, and supporting the treatment of insomnia.

Let's run through the properties, benefits, and meaning of this type of unique incense.

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Lavender incense


1. What is lavender incense?

Lavender incense is a material that is ignited to give out a pleasant lavender smell. In reality, the term "incense" comes from the Latin word "to burn."

It has been utilized in religious rites in Egyptian, Babylonia, and Greeks culture from the beginning of time. It is characterized by a passionate, long-lasting scent with purple tones with the style of the Mediterranean region.

These incense sticks stand out for their effects in fighting depression and improving both physical and mental health. Besides, it is also very effective in cleaning and deodorizing the air. It is also often chosen for everyday use in offices, meditation and yoga establishments.

Currently, they are widely used in the form of incense sticks and incense cones. Meanwhile, coils incense is less used.

types of lavender incense


2. What does lavender incense smell like?

Lavender incense sticks are usually made from the flowers and stems of the lavender plant. Therefore, they have one thing in common that is containing a sweet, passionate aroma and a long-lasting fragrance for many hours. Besides, the aroma of them depends on other factors such as:

Composition of auxiliary materials: To increase the variety and sophistication of the scent, manufacturers have added some additional ingredients such as white sage, nag champa, or sandalwood. The ratio and Composition of additives are often different and are a secret of each brand. This is the key point to creating today's famous incense brands.

The origin of production is also a factor affecting the scent: If it is produced by Indian companies, it will usually give more smoke and a stronger scent. Meanwhile, the incense sticks from Japan will have less smoke and less soot. Its scent is also softer and more subtle.

The shape of the incense plants also greatly affects their taste. Incense sticks often give a milder lavender scent than incense cones.

they have one thing in common that is containing a sweet, passionate aroma and a long-lasting fragrance for many hours


3. Benefits

3.1. Creates a pleasant scent

One of the biggest benefits of lavender incense is its ability to create a sweet, pleasant scent like dried lavender flowers. Many studies have shown that their aroma is highly effective in relaxation, reducing anxiety and stress.

Because of being burned, the essential oils and organic substances in this incense can easily diffuse into the air. This helps antioxidants affect the endocrine system quickly, helping to secrete hormones that reduce stress in the body.

lavender incense is its ability to create a sweet, pleasant scent like dried lavender flowers


3.2. Promotes a good sleep

If you are a person who often suffers from insomnia or your sleep quality is not good, then the lavender scent is your solution. Regular use of Lavender or other products like lavender tea has been shown to improve sleep and enhance positive emotions.

However, you should also not overuse this product. You should only use 1 to 2 sticks of incense a day. Besides, to prevent asphyxiation and fire, you should not burn incense while sleeping, but let the incense burn out for 20 to 30 minutes before sleeping.

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3.3. Contains many antioxidants, good for health

A study published in the journal has shown that the phenolic acids in the lavender plant have an effective antioxidant effect. Using this type of incense in moderation and regularly will help you prevent allergic airway inflammation and increase the number of mucosal cells in people with asthma.

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the phenolic acids in the lavender plant have an effective antioxidant effect


3.4. Boosts mood and libido in women

Lavender incense is one of the best incense for women and female reproductive health. It helps women balance emotions, promotes a romantic mood, and stimulates libido.

Besides, if you often have abdominal pain during your menstrual cycle, let light an incense stick and relax your body. It will help you reduce pain and feel more relaxed.

Because of the effect of stimulating menstruation, pregnant women should not use it. They can cause miscarriage or many dangerous complications.

3.5. Spiritual benefits

In addition to the health benefits, the use of awesome incense has many spiritual meanings.

These incense sticks are one of seven types of chakra incense, often used for meditation or yoga practice. It works to open the crown chakra (or Sahasrara) at the top of your head. This is considered as the bridge of self with the universe. It represents spiritual strength, wisdom, and creativity.

Using this type of incense is the best way to promote mindfulness, concentration, and creativity. With the simple act of lighting an incense stick every time you meditate or work. Its fragrance will help you attract more positive energy, increase confidence and success in life.

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the use of Lavender has many spiritual meanings


3.6. Cleansing

The characteristic scent of lavender incense has a very effective deodorizing effect. After you burn incense, the musty smell or the smell of pets is replaced by a gentle and delicate fragrance. Not only that, but they also help clean and disinfect your air.

Besides, this type of incense is often used to clean crystals. The energy radiating from them can clean the crystals perfectly.

Light an incense stick next to the crystal while you relax or meditate. This will bring the effect of attracting positive energies, prosperity, and optimism in life.

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incense lavender is often used to clean crystals


3.7. Castaway insects

Despite the efficacy of earlier insect repellents, lavender-scented sticks are a far more attractive approach to accomplish the same results. Pests, cockroaches, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and moths are all known to be afraid of lavender scents.

They also produce thicker lavender-scented sticks for outside use. These are usually citronella-based incense sticks that burn for long hours because of their larger size. These are ideal for every outdoor activity, such as backpacking, trekking, or fishing, since they allow you to enjoy the outdoor settings without getting irritated from insect or cockroach stings the next day.

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3.8. Uses as a meaningful gift, symbolizing friendship & love

The sense of smell is arguably the most genuine of all the five senses we humans are endowed with. It might be the most closely linked of the senses to memory-processing regions of the brain so that even the tiniest whiff of a scent you've previously associated with a location may bring back memories in a matter of seconds.

Unlike some other senses, the scent of smell is intrinsically linked to the brain, which means that the relationship between scents and brain reaction is extremely fast and old and primal, making lavender incense a fantastic present for your dear ones.

Because Lavender has antibacterial properties, it's best used for detoxifying and curing. It could be used to promote rest and sleep by bringing pleasure and relaxation. Lavender may also bring love, serenity, and tranquility into someone's surroundings.

Uses as a meaningful gift, symbolizing friendship & love


4. Uses

Storage: You should store the lavender incense sticks in a zip bag or box with a lid and keep them in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Burning: Although there are many health and mental benefits, you should also use this type of incense in moderation and ensure safety. Follow the article: incense usage guide to learn more details.

Test for allergies: It is advised that those who are allergic should test for allergies beforehand by flaming a stick for 5 mins.

Breast-feeding and conception: The appropriateness of lavender use in women who are pregnant has yet to be determined. Before using, please talk to your doctor.

Surgery: The central nervous system may be slowed by Lavender, reducing the efficacy of anesthesia. 2 weeks before the operation, you should cease using the lavender fragrance.

store the lavender incense sticks in a zip bag or box with a lid


5. Is Lavender Incense Safe For Dogs And Cats?

Asthma is quite common in cats, and smoking and odors are not beneficial for them. Respiratory problems in your cat, including sneezing, congestion, and runny nose, may be caused by burning incense inside the home.

Incense might exacerbate or possibly worsen a dormant respiratory condition in your cat. In addition, burning incense may cause your cat to get asthma. Put off the incense as soon as you see your cat wheezing.

The same as cats, dogs can be susceptible to the smoke and odors produced by incense smoking. Poodles, huskies, Shih Tzus, and other mixed breeds are especially vulnerable.

However, cat owners have reported that the fragrance of Lavender has little impact on the health of both pets.

If you must burn incense, follow these precautions to reduce the chance of your pets developing respiratory problems:

  • Open the windows and fire the incense on a private floor where your cat does not have accessibility.
  • Keep good airflow.
  • Place the incense in a secure location so your cat will not be capable of playing with it or pushing it over.

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fragrance of Lavender has little impact on the health of both pets


6. Where To Buy?

Lavender is one of the most popular scents today. Some famous brands are HEM, Nippon Kodo, Gonesh, and Govinda. These incense sticks are made from natural ingredients, so they are very safe for users' health. These products are all distinguished by their strong lavender scent and long-lasting scent. They have the effect of enhancing meditation, helping users to be relaxed and comfortable after a long time of working and studying.

Although there are many similarities, each of these scent brands has a different flavor nuance. Morning Star by Nippon Kodo has a delicate, light fragrance. Meanwhile, the lavender scent of HEM or Govinda has a strong smell, mixed with earthy woody notes.

The best way to know the benefits of lavender incense is to experience and test these unique scents for yourself. Please refer to the products below to be able to choose for yourself the most suitable product.

Besides, you can also read the article: Top 11 best lavender incense for rejuvenation to choose for yourself the most suitable product!

7. Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has provided you with an insightful look into the lavender incense benefits.

Due to its application in a wide range of areas, it is not hard to say that its properties are useful to bring peace to your mind and your body.

However, when burning this type of incense, it is worth noting that some studies are showing a correlation between lavender incense and health issues in both humans and pets.

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