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Amber incense is a traditional incense that is commonly used in many religions and different countries. This incense stands out for its sweet scent and the ability to fascinate all human senses.

As for spiritual belief, the amber incense helps people concentrate while meditating and balancing their health and intellect. Regarding health, this incense helps you relax, purifies the air, treats respiratory system problems, and increases men’s sexual desire. Besides, this incense has protective energy that attracts positivity and fortune in life.   

Amber incense is made from natural components without chemicals. Therefore, you can use this incense for a long time without worrying about its effects on your health. There are four types of amber incense: incense stick, incense cone, incense coil, and resin. Each type has its typical features of manufacturing, usage, and purposes.

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  1. Amber incense overview
  2. Amber incense benefits
  3. Amber incense uses
  4. Side effects of amber incense
  5. Where to buy amber incense sticks


amber incense benefit


1. Amber Incense Overview 

1.1. What is amber incense?

Amber incense is a perfect choice to create an atmosphere for stress relieving, praying, practicing yoga, meditating, or concentrating while working. This incense is famous for its sweet scent and strong spreading ability in the air in many countries and religions that no other incense can replace.

Nowadays, all four types of amber incense are popularly used, including sticks, cones, coils, and resin. Among these, amber incense sticks are the most common one because of their usability and delicate scent.


type of amber incense


1.2. What is amber incense made from?

Because of the expensive cost, incense makers don't normally use fossilized Amber. Fossilized Amber might be used for high-grade incense but with a small proportion or with another ingredient.

Usually, amber incense is made from beeswax, molasses, benzoin, vanilla, and labdanum. Depending on the purpose, other ingredients will be added, such as frankincense, jasmine, patchouli, rose, black pepper, and tonka. The recipes for making amber incense vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and they are often kept secret.

1.3. What does amber incense smell like

Amber incense is famous for its delicacy. It has the sweetness of vanilla with the touch of woody, earthy fragrance that no traditional incense can possess. Despite the light scent, the amber incense fragrance remains for a long time, reminding you of the perfume smell instead of normal incense.

Another great feature of amber incense is clean-burning as it creates a very low amount of smoke and ashes. You will have a better experience without the burnt smell caused by the ashes afterward.

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Amber incense has the sweetness of vanilla with the touch of woody, earthy fragranc


2. Amber Incense Benefits

In this part, we will open up to you further about amber incense benefits and explain why so many users love this.

2.1. Spiritual benefits

Amber incense's meaning focuses on spiritual purposes. It is not simply a smell that you breathe in. People believe the incense scent can do more than that, like creating a doorway to a spiritual world that nothing else can do the same.

Interestingly, people use this incense in different religions. That is why you may find this incense utilized simultaneously in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Christianity. For example, you can smell this incense in the church in the West or many temples in the East during religious events.

Many people also believe that amber incense helps open the solar chakra where humans find their balance and control energy circular. The reason behind this thought is unclear yet; the legend exists in many old stories of our ancestors.

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Spiritual benefits of amber incense


2.2. Health benefits

Besides spiritual benefits, amber incense can help improve your physical health. The plant-based amber incense properties enhance the heart’s working, boost your immunity system, and prevent respiratory system infection.

Also, science has proven that the amber fragrance could raise serotonin production in our brain, which makes us digest food better.

For men, amber incense is a truly divine item as it surprises them with the ability to increase their sexual desire at some level.

Thus, after a certain time of use, this type of incense will improve your health, therefore, better the quality of your life.


amber incense can help improve your physical health


2.3. Mental health benefits

One of amber resin incense benefits is it increases mental health. As mentioned above, the serotonin that your brain produces can positively adjust your mood.

In other words, this hormone stabilizes your mood, decreases depression, headaches and better controls anxiety. Many people have found their balance while burning this incense and immerse themselves in peace. 

On the other hand, some people are very bad at concentrating while studying and working. It is not that they are bothered by the noise around them. It is because their mind can’t get calm for a moment.

The solution is to burn the amber incense and go for yoga or meditation. The scent is a great catalyst that helps you practice with your attention. The exhaling and inhaling while doing meditation will soon make you feel more peaceful in your mind.

There is another incense good for mental health and it is called chakra incense. You can find out further information in our article: What are the benefits of chakra incense?


Many people have found their balance while burning this incense and immerse themselves in peace.


2.4. Feng Shui benefit

In the East, a majority of people believe in Feng Shui. According to this field, people have a strong belief in the existence of the two worlds-one for alive people and one for people after death.

In addition, incense has been recognized as a weapon to chase away bad air circulation and spiritual evils. And this thought hasn’t changed from time to time. Nowadays, we still believe the amber incense can protect us from bad demons.

Also, when you burn a stick of incense, the smell will attract more luck and positive energy to you and your family. We know that it might sound a bit magical to you.

Nothing can explain this idea, but people still buy sticks of amber to pray for beautiful things to happen.  


incense has been recognized as a weapon to chase away bad air circulation and spiritual evils.


2.5. Air purification

The great feature we like about amber incense is it can chase away the bad household smell like the smell of pets, damp clothes. Why so? It is because of antibacterial components in its compositions.

Furthermore, it brings to the air the freshness and comfortable smell of natural amber. Besides, if you once used this incense, you would know that the amber incense's magical properties are like the charm that attracts its surrounding people as it is distinguished from any other fragrance.

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amber incense is it can chase away the bad household smell


3. Amber Incense Uses

In this part, let's discuss the amber incense used with us to know more about when you should use this item. From our experience, this incense possesses many benefits, but it doesn’t mean you should use it all the time.

So when should you use it? Below we will give you advice on how to utilize this item properly to bring out its best result:

3.1. You can use amber incense daily, in the morning, or while working since it helps deepen your concentration and attract positive energy and fortune. 

Due to its natural composition, amber incense doesn’t bring negative effects to your health. Experience it, and time will show you.

3.2. To get rid of anxiety and stress: Anytime you feel anxious or stressed, nothing can be better than getting a rest while enjoying the fragrance of amber incense.

3.3. Yoga or meditation: This is not a must, but you should do it as both exercises require a deep focus while relaxing. As mentioned above, the woody scent will deepen your attention and help you do these activities better.

3.4. Amber incense brings positive energy and chases the spiritual evils away. Therefore, this is a suitable incense to choose when moving to a new house or office since it brings luck to your new start.

Besides, the smell of paint and volatile organic compounds might still linger in a new house or new office, and the amber fragrance is the perfect choice to replace this uncomfortable smell.

There is much other incense able to bring positive energy, take a look at our article on the benefits of sage smudge.

3.5. Cold winter: Nothing is magical here, as the scent can’t change the season. The simple gist of this trick is that amber incense creates a cozy scent, making you feel warmer over time


amber incense possesses many benefits, but it doesn’t mean you should use it all the time


4. Side Effects Of Amber Incense

Although possessing many good traits, we wouldn’t say there are no side effects of amber incense. In reality, it harms pregnant women, children, and people with allergies if overused.

4.1. Negative effects on pregnant women and children

Unfortunately, incense is dangerous for pregnant women if they burn this item more than once a day. It is understandable that, during pregnancy, women become more sensitive to stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, and especially smells.

There is no exception for amber incense in this case. Many researchers prove that incense can negatively influence the baby’s development as it can cause leukemia and gene mutation. So if you are pregnant, it’s better to avoid using this incense as much as you can.

4.2. Negative impact on people who have allergies

Amber incense is good for the respiratory system, but if you burn a big amount of it, this incense can be harmful to your lungs. In some cases, it can even aggravate people’s existing asthma symptoms because of lung cell inflammation.

For people who are often allergic to irritant particles in the air, burning an incense stick will raise the chance of causing them to cough or sneeze. The reason behind this fact is when they light a stick of incense.

It produces tiny particles which later get deep into their lungs through the nose while they inhale. The immune system mistakes these small matters as invading substances and starts sneezing to pull them out.

4.3. Recommendations

Everything has its pros and cons, frequent exposure to amber sticks for a long time can impact your health adversely.

Therefore, use this item properly to bring the best result. If you are in one of the above cases (being pregnant, having an allergy to pollen, and having asthma), don’t stick around amber incense. You also can ask your doctor for consultation if needed.  

If you need to apply incense for air purification purposes, it is still possible for you to use it. Then, don’t forget to turn the fan on and open all the windows to remove the scent particles.


Side Effects Of Amber Incense


5. Where To Buy Amber Incense Sticks 

It is not difficult when it comes to buying amber incense sticks. But due to the specialty of amber incense magical properties, you should purchase them in big incense stores or buy them online.

Of course, trading products directly at the store will help you visually see how good they are. But in case you can’t find any, we suggest you have a look at famous trading websites like Amazon or Etsy.com.

To make sure the item you are going to buy has high quality, there are a few tips you should pay attention to:

5.1. Find and choose your favorite fragrance

Generally, amber incense has a sweet and cozy smell. However, it will be different depending on the manufacturer and brand. For example, Japanese amber incense has a sweet, delicate scent whereas, Indian amber incense comes with a hot, cozy, and stronger smell.

You can read our review about famous amber incense to know more about this type of incense.

5.2. Choose the right type of amber incense

As mentioned above, people like all four types of incense such as sticks, coils, cones, and resin.

You should choose the right type of incense that is suitable for your incense burner. Besides, this factor also affects the way you experience incense. With the same recipe from the same manufacturer, incense sticks and resin have a comfortable scent. Meanwhile, incense cones and coils offer a smokey and burnt scent.

5.3. Buy from reputable sellers.

Purchasing products from authoritative manufacturers will guarantee you high-quality incense.

Don’t forget to read the feedback from previous customers. You should have an overview of the product from various angles of view of different customers before making the purchase decision.

The Bottom Line! 

We strongly believe that the amber incense will still play an important role for many decades in the future. It symbolizes belief in a magical world where humans find the chakra and a lot of fortune.

Also, scientists have proven there are many amber incense benefits in daily activities. If you don’t believe in this just yet, buy a box of amber incense and experience it by yourself. And we hope you have had a great time reading!

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