Smudging has been a traditional practice by shamans and some Indigenous folks of the Americas. It's usually used for spiritual cleansing or to honor their ancestors. After finishing the ritual with the sage, you are confused because you don't know how to get the sage out without being crushed. Having trouble putting out your sage because it's burning in the middle? Not everyone understands how to properly extinguish sage, many people make the mistake of dipping sage in water to destroy it. “If the sage smoke is not put out properly, it can be seen as an offense to the gods. And the remainder of the sage cannot be used for the following ritual” Serpentessa says. Today I will share 3 ways that I usually use to quickly and easily extinguish the smoke. Read my post below to learn more!

Method 1: Put out the smudge by pressing its tip into the sand or salt

Just put a bit of sand or salt in a bowl (or cauldron). Gently press the burning end of the sage into the sand (or salt). Just wait 30 secs for it to switch off, then let it chill in the bowl for 10-20 mins before putting it away. Why do I recommend using sand or salt instead of soil or something like that? If explained in a scientific way, sand and salt will help the fire stop burning (by taking away oxygen), according to spirituality, sand and salt are two ingredients that help drive away all bad spiritual energy, it is often used by witches in rituals.

This is the most common and safest way I use. It helps me reuse sage and saves me money. You know, in a time of economic crisis, cutting corners can make life a lot easier.

Method 2: Use a wet towel

Place the sage on a heat-resistant plate, then cover the burning sage bundle with a damp cloth. The damp towel will stop the sage from burning. After 10-15 minutes, you leave the sage in the sun for about 30 minutes to dry, so it'll be good to go for the subsequent burning. This method will have a small disadvantage that it will make the sage a bit wet.

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Method 3: Put out sage by pressing the tray

Use a bowl or tray and gently press the sage into the bowl. Remember to choose a bowl with a heat-resistant material and a hard surface. This action will help put out the burning part of the fire, this method is not liked by everyone because the sage can be damaged. Only apply if your bundle of sage is securely fastened, not for those who prefer to incinerate shredded leaves.

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Alright, I'm done showing you the 3 methods for putting out the sage after you smudge. Whichever way you decide to put out the sage, all three methods will help end your sacred ritual in the most perfect way. But each has its own advantages and disadvantages - just pick whichever works for you. Let me know if you know of any other ways to do it. Thanks for taking the time to read my whole post.

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