From ancient cultures to modern-day homes, incense sticks can bring all sorts of enjoyable scents into your space with ease. However, sometimes users have difficulty turning off these incense sticks when it's time to stop burning them. Stopping an incense stick from burning abruptly can be difficult and even dangerous if not done correctly; luckily there are various methods one can use to safely put out an incense stick. We'll discuss how you can easily stop an incense stick from burning without any hassle or danger involved and still reuse it next time for optimal relaxation! Get ready to save money while smelling great!

Method 1: Put out incense sticks by pressing the tip-off


  • Step 1: To turn off a stick of incense, first, remove the incense from its holder using your hand. 
  • Step 2: Press the lit tip of the stick firmly against a heat-resistant surface such as ceramic, glass, or metal. With some force, the piece with the ember will break off and remain on the non-flammable surface. 
  • Step 3: Once it has landed, make sure that it stays there until it is completely extinguished. Do not try to touch it while it is still hot. Wait for a few moments until all signs of heat have disappeared before cleaning up and disposing of the ashes appropriately. Be sure not to leave any burning material unattended in order to avoid fire hazards. With this method, you can safely and easily put out a stick of incense. 

This method of putting out incense has several advantages. 

  • It is quick and easy to do, meaning that you can put out a stick of incense without needing any special tools or materials. 
  • The extinguished incense still remains usable for the next time, you can save both money. 


  • If done too roughly, the stick of incense may break into pieces, making it unusable for future use. 
  • Stamping on the tip-off can sometimes cause small explosions, and burning freckles that can cause minor burns. For this reason, it is important to exercise caution when using this technique and make sure that the incense is not too fragile before attempting it. 

Method 2:  Put out incense sticks by cutting the tip-off


  • Step 1: Take a pair of metal scissors and cut off the tip of the incense that contains the ember. You should aim for cutting about 0.5cm from the tip so that you can safely discard it without causing any damage.
  • Step 2:  Make sure that the ember lands on a non-flammable surface and wait until it has completely died out before touching it to clean up. Doing this will prevent any burning accidents from happening while ensuring your safety and that of others around you. 


When done properly with a pair of metal scissors, it also helps to keep the tip of the incense intact (a neat and beautiful round tip), making it less likely that the head will break off when extinguished. 


The ember can still be hot when dropped so care must be taken to make sure it does not land on anything flammable or cause any harm.

Method 3: Put out incense sticks by dipping them in water


  • Step 1: Before dipping the stick into the water, make sure the flame is completely out. If the flame is still lit, blow softly on the tip of the incense until the flame is extinguished, and then dip it into a bowl of cold water. 
  • Step 2: Allow the incense stick to soak for at least 5 seconds before removing it from the bowl. Once removed, place it in an area that will not cause any risk of fire. 

Note: After putting out the incense, keep it in a dry, safe place to use again at another time. If the incense still appears damp, use a hairdryer on a low setting to dry it and allow it to cool before burning.


  • This method of putting out incense has many advantages.
  • Since the incense is being extinguished by water instead of air, it avoids creating any smoke or embers which could be hazardous to health and the environment.
  • The water-dipping technique can save time compared to blowing out a lit stick as it takes only seconds for the flame to become extinguished. 
  • This can be particularly useful when extinguishing incense in confined spaces such as meditation rooms, temples, and homes with limited ventilation. 


  • The smell of smoke may linger even after the stick has been extinguished, leading to an unpleasant environment. 
  • If not dried out properly afterward, this moisture on the stick could make it difficult or even impossible to burn again later on. 
  • Leaving the incense damp after putting it out can lead to mold growth and also reduce its scent when you eventually do use it.

Method 4: Putting Out a Stick of Incense By Burying Them In the Sand


  • Step 1: Gather a bowl or glass of sand and weigh it so that it contains around 500g. 
  • Step 2: Plug the burning incense head into the sand cup, burying it about 3-4cm deep. Allow for a few moments to let the incense completely extinguish.
  • Step 3: Clean up any ash or sand that may have gotten onto surfaces in your home or workspace with a damp cloth or vacuum. 


  • The main advantage of putting out a stick of incense by burying it in the sand is that it is safe and easy to do.
  • With this method, you don't have to worry about hot embers that can fall on flammable objects around or splash on your hands.
  • You don’t have to worry about blowing it out or using any tools; simply bury incense in the sand the incense and walk away.


  • One disadvantage of putting out incense sticks by burying them in the sand is that the head of the incense may become misshapen, it to become warped, and distorted, making it look less attractive than if it was cut with scissors (method 2). 
  • It can be quite messy, sand and ash may get spread around your home, which can be difficult to clean up afterward.


There are various ways to quickly stop the burning of an incense stick. The four methods discussed in this article offer easy, effective ways to quickly extinguish an incense stick. From cutting it out to using a bowl of water or sand, each method has its pros and cons. Ultimately, the decision is yours on which one you prefer. Whatever your chosen method may be, remember that extinguishing your incense when you no longer need it is a great way to save money and ensure safety in your home. Thank you for reading!

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