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Japanese Zen Buddhist monks transcribed a document relating to Koh - incense which described the ten qualities and benefits of incense.

This document was called the ‘Ten Virtues of Koh’ and continues to inspire many incense aficionados in the modern age. Let's discover details.

The “Ten Virtues of Koh” is a list of the benefits derived from the use of incense. These Ten Virtues have been passed down from the fifteenth century (the Muromachi Era) and are still cited today as uniquely capturing the spirit of Koh.

The Ten Virtues Of Koh

  1. It brings communication with the transcendent.
  2. It refreshes the mind and body.
  3. It removes impurity.
  4. It brings alertness.
  5. It is a companion in solitude.
  6. In the midst of busy affairs, it brings a moment of peace.
  7. When it is plentiful, one never tires of it.
  8. When there is little, still one is satisfied.
  9. Age does not change its efficacy.
  10. Used every day, it does no harm.


The Ten Virtues Of Koh


After these Ten Virtues were established, Koh gradually evolved away from the sophisticated elegance of the courtier and acquired the character of a discipline, the way of Koh (Koh- Do).

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