What to Say When Burning Palo Santo: Prayers and Blessings

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When you add a smudging prayer or mantra to your Palo Santo cleansing ritual, it helps to focus your mind on what you want to achieve with the cleansing process.

Mantras can be simple or elaborate, but the most important thing is that the words mean something to you. Choose a mantra that reflects your intention for the cleansing ritual, and recite it while you burn the Palo Santo. Allow the smoke of the sacred wood to carry your prayer to the heavens.

So what do you say when lighting up your palo santo stick?  Read on to find out more about this ancient tradition.


what to say while burning palo santo


When you burn palo santo, it is important to say a prayer or intention. This allows you to set the tone for your ceremony and connect with the spirit of the wood.

Today, people all over the world use palo santo for their own spiritual activities. Many people believe that palo santo can help remove negative energy, promote creativity, bring good luck, and improve your mood.

By saying a prayer or intention when you burn it, you are opening yourself up to receive these blessings.

Here are some of the best prayers to say while burning palo santo:

1. Prayer for self

"I ask that you protect me from all harm and help me to live a life full of love and light. Amen."

"Palo santo, I ask that you cleanse me of all negativity and help me to find my inner peace. I am grateful for your healing powers. Amen."

" I ask that you cleanse me of all negativity and help me to find my inner peace. I am grateful for your healing powers. Amen."

"Dear Palo Santo Tree God,

Please clear my energy field and fill me with your positive vibrations. Help me let go of anything that no longer serves me. Allow me to open up new possibilities and abundance in all areas of my life.


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Prayer for self


2. Prayer for home

When burning palo santo to clean the house, it is traditional to say a prayer of protection. This prayer can be as simple as asking for the removal of negative energy and for the protection of your home and family. You may also want to ask for guidance from your ancestors or higher power, and for the strength to overcome any challenges that you may face.

A few suggestions for you:

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. may this smoke cleanse us of all our sins and bless our home."

"Palo santo, cleanse this space of all negative energy and bring in only good vibes."

"Thank you for cleansing our space and bringing us closer to your Light"

"Holy Spirit, please fill this space with your peace. Let all who enter here feel your presence and know your peace. Amen"

"Lord, I ask that you protect this space and all who enter it. Keep us safe from harm and fill us with your love. Amen"


Prayer for home


3. Prayer for love

We ask for your love to enter our lives,

For your love to fill us up and overflow,

For your love to drive out all fear,

And for your love to bind us together.



Prayer for love


4. Prayer for cleansing

Palo santo, cleanse me of all negativity. Fill me with your light and love.

Palo santo, purify my mind, body, and soul. Help me to let go of all that no longer serves me.

Palo santo, infuse me with your positive energy. Help me to attract only good into my life.

Palo santo, thank you for cleansing me and filling me with your light. I am forever grateful. Amen.

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Prayer for cleansing


5. Prayer for strength

We ask for your strength to face all our challenges,

For your strength to overcome all our fears,

For your strength to endure all our trials,

And for your strength to carry us through all our dark days.



Prayer for strength


6. For healing

We ask for your healing of all that is broken in us,

For your healing of all that is wounded in us,

For your healing of all that is sick in us,

And for your healing of all that is lost in us.



For healing


7. Blessing prayer

"Dear God,

Thank you for everything you have given us. We are so blessed to have each other and this beautiful world. Please help us to always be grateful for your gifts, and to use them wisely"

"We pray for your continued blessings on our family and friends, and on all those we love. May we always remember to show our love to others, in both our words and our actions


"We thank you for your many blessings. Please help us to use them wisely and always remember to show your love to others.


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Blessing prayer



There are many ways to connect with the divine, but burning palo santo is a particularly beautiful way to do so. The smoke and smell of palo santo are said to be cleansing and can help to get rid of negative energy. If you're new to burning palo santo or would like to say a special prayer while burning it, we have collected a lot of good prayers for you.

Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite!

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