One fine day, I burned some sage for my cleansing ritual. When I see the white smoke rising, I wonder what it means. Will all the bad energy around me be cleansed and am I doing everything right in the ritual? I reached out to a witch I knew before to hear her explanation on the matter. Her name is Karen Dales (Karen Dales is a member of the New Wiccan Church International and assists in running their Virtual Pagan Pub Moots. She is also the Chair of the Steering Committee for the Wiccan Church of Canada - Toronto Temple, a Reverend with the Clergy Support Memorial Church, and a Registered Wedding Officiant for the Province of Ontario).

Interpret Sage Smoke

Karen Dales told me that if the sage smoke is drifting in the directions specified below, each one has its own special significance that you should be aware of.

Smoke going straight up

When the smoke rises straight up, this means the energy has been cleaned. You can rest assured because all the negative things have been purified in the space you just smudge.

Image of sage smoke rising straight up

Image of sage smoke rising straight up

Smoke going down

Regeneration, displacement, and transformation are coming. Become more passionate by sending love where you need it most.

The smoke travels toward you

If your smoke blows towards you that represents that your angels have heard your prayers have listened to your requests and everything is going to work out in your favor. 

The smoke blowing away from you 

If your smoke blows away from you, that represents that you still have learning to do, you have to focus manifest more or cleanse more in order to attain your desire. 

Smoke going to the right

When the smoke blows to the right this represents that you have to continue focusing on your desire as it is definitely manifesting for you now. Do not let the vision go, focus on what it is that you're doing for yourself. 

Smoke going to the left

You're doing the right thing, when the smoke blows to the left that represents that you have to let go a little bit of your desire, as you might be over obsessing over it. You Might be overthinking it a bit, thinking that you can't have it, so learn to detach from that so that you can manifest it easier. That basically it for what the smoke directions represent for you.

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What does the color of sage smoke mean?

Black smoke

Black has always been associated with darkness and mystery in the spiritual world and is often viewed as a harbinger of misfortune and evil. If after burning the sage bundle you see a very strong smoke with a solid black color appearing. This shows the area around you has bad negative energies, you need to smudge more often.

White smoke

White represents purity and innocence. If your smoke is white then rejoice, the area around you has been cleansed. This also predicts that your upcoming life will be happy and lucky.

White smoke means your aura has been cleansed

White smoke means your aura has been cleansed

Blue smoke

Karen Dales explains that “blue smoke is a scarce hue in sage burning practices, signifying that whatever is happening is aligned with God's wishes for you and God is on your side”.

The blue sage smoke is a positive sign from the universe to you.

The blue sage smoke is a positive sign from the universe to you.

Smoke Patterns


The spiral smoke shows that you a lot of many problems to solve, but have not found the best solution yet. You are still wandering in a mess.


Circular smoke is less common, If you make a choice that requires the guidance of gods then the answer will be "Yes" if your sage smoke turns into a circular when you do the ritual.


Thick smoke

"If you burn your sage and create a thick cloud of smoke, so much so that it fills your room, this indicates you are a skillful witch and have done the ritual correctly and effectively.," says Karen Dales, a witch.

Thin smoke

But it is a thin smoke, and sometimes, you can't see it. It's less strong than it should have been. It's OK, just start the ritual over.

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When you burn sage, you gotta make sure the room is free of wind - so shut the windows and turn off the AC and fan. If there is wind blowing, it will be tough to figure out the right way the smoke is going.

In order to read the smoke easily and quickly, you have to practice regularly to remember every possible situation of smoke. Not every ritual can be easy to achieve, everything needs practice and lots of learning in order to improve. If you're still struggling to comprehend your 

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