How To Make Lemon Honey Tea

Lemon honey tea is a healthy drink and you can use it every day to boost your reduce the colds, immune system, wrinkles and support your total health. One of the most powerful ways to protect your body is honey. Honey is found a lot of in nature and it provides an excellent delicious array of natural sugars found in fruits. Organic honey is loaded with vitamins & minerals which will protect your body from bacteria and boosts immune system. Eating honey will promote your good health.  Add 1 spoon of honey and lemon juice to warm tea before morning breakfast is the best way to cleanse the liver, remove toxins and removes fat from the body.


You can use slice of fresh lemon add to cups of tea. Do you know that lemon peel is very good to health?

According to the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference in every 100 gram of lemon peel has 134 milligrams of calcium, 160 milligrams of potassium, 129 milligrams of vitamin C, 30% of pectin and 10,6 milligram of fiber. Lemon peel can improve the bone health with a high amount of calcium, decrease cholesterol level and boots immunity and digestion too.

That’s why you should keep lemon peels in your drink. Maybe at first you not like the lemon’s peel bitter taste, but you will like it when you get used to it.

Here we go!


way to make lemon honey tea



  •      Hot water
  •      Tea bag or loose leaf tea
  •       A lemon (2 slices of lemon)
  •       Honey

Step 1:  Cut lemon into thin slice. You put some slice of lemon into a cup with 2 tsp. of honey. If you might not like honey, you can replace the honey with some salt.


Cut lemon into thin slice

Cut lemon into thin slice


Step 2:  Mix the lemon, honey together and stir


Mix the lemon, honey together and stir


Step 3: Add 1tsp. black tea (or green tea) in the pot. Then pour about 200 ml boiling water, let the tea steep.

Step 4: Pour the tea into a cup or mug, add honey and lemon.

Step 5: Wait for 2-5 minutes and now you have very healthy drinks to start a new day.

Wish you a good success!


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Last Modified: 5/18/2019 9:05:08 PM