Cute Tea Infuser

Are you looking for a cute tea infuser for your loose leaf tea? These cool tea infusers will put the fun in your cup of tea, they'll make you feel relaxed ! A perfect tea infuser = Cute design +Fine mesh + Healthy material, If you're a lover of tea, you'll love these cute tea infusers below.

Below are a few ideas for you choose from:


Tilevo Tea Infuser Set of 2

Dimensions:    5.7 x 2 x 2 inches

Weight:            0.64 ounces

Material:          Silicone

Color:              green, turquoise

Price:               From $12.xx


Tilevo Tea Infuser Set of 2 - Dinosaur Loose Leaf Tea Infusers with Long Handle Neck & Cute Ball Body Lake Monster Silicone Tea Strainer & Steeper with Gift Box

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Reasons, Why this is the best and cutest Tea Infuser Set you will ever need?

  • The Tea Infuser set is incredibly convenient and very fun to use. You will have a Memorable & Fun Tea Time.
  • MADE OF PURE food-grade silicone. The silicone material give it a good enough structure and makes it easy to empty and clean. Its feet allows it to stand with no support and with tea inside it it stays at the bottom of the cup.
  • FITS all cups and mugs.The size is just right for smaller to normal size cups / mugs and tall enough to peep out of larger vessels as well.
  • PERFECT GIFT for tea lovers friends and family who loves tea.
  • MICROWAVE/DISHWASHER SAFE – Simple to use and easy to clean.
  • Overall a fun product.


How To Use?

Step 1: Pull out the base.

Step 2: Put suitable tea leaf into the body.

Step 3: Close the base correctly.

Step 4: Put the infuser into your tea cup.

Note: If you are using tea that is more fine there will be some leakage but not enough to ruin the experience. You can easy clean it with a toothbrush.


Flamingo & Pineapple Silicone Tea Infuser

Dimensions:    1.5 x 1.5 x 6.2 inches

Weight:            5.6 ounces

Price:               From $14.xx


 CAZD Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Gift Set. Fun Pineapple & Flamingo Silicone & Fine Mesh Tea Basket. Cute Tea Steepers with Bonus Tea Scoop. Great for Iced Tea.

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MAKES A GREAT GIFT: This 3 set loose leaf tea steeper makes an ideal gift for any tea lover in your life. The 2 tea infusers, a tea infuser animal, flamingo and pineapple infuser plus flower teaspoon come in a fun, colorful box. Ready to give as a gift as soon as it’s delivered to you.

NO LOOSE LEAVES IN CUP: Extra fine mesh strainer means that no tea leaves escape into your cup of tea. This gives you a better, more flavorful cup of tea without extra hassle. These tea steepers can also be used in the teapot because of the long neck handle, or can fold over to fit in your travel mug. This extra convenience means you can have tea anytime and anywhere!

FUN CUTE TEA INFUSERS: These unique tea steeping infusers are a fun addition to your tea service and accessories. This set comes with 2 loose tea infusers, shaped like a flamingo and a pineapple. This set also comes with a super cute flower stainless steel serving spoon to scoop and stir the perfect tea leaf quantity into your cup.

HIGH-QUALITY TEA STRAINERS FOR LOOSE TEA: These tea infusers are made with high-quality extra fine mesh 18/8 food grade stainless steel.materials and a convenient design. Made from fine stainless steel mesh that does not allow tea leaves to escape from the infuser. The mesh in these infusers is The non-toxic BPA-free silicone allows you to use the steeper with any tea of your choice.

EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Whether you’re enjoying a cup of tea on your own or hosting a tea party for friends, this loose leaf tea infuser set is great for you. Each infuser is convenient and easy to clean. Just pull apart and hand wash in water. These infusers sit well in the middle of any cup or mug and do not float due to the 4 small air holes to release any captured air, making it easy to filter flavor from tea leaves into the water.

Directions: Pull apart, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea with tea scoop. Fit BPA free Silicone lid on to mesh strainer. Tight secure rims are used around lid so there is no problems with top coming away from tea strainer.


Mudra Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Dimensions:    4 x 3 x 3 inches

Weight:            0.32 ounces

Price:               From $13.xx


Mudra Loose Leaf Tea Infuser with Santa Hat Strainer and Steel Ball

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  • This is easy to use and clean and makes your tea drinking that much more better.
  • It can handle temperatures from -4 to 230°C
  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Travel safe with brewing santa hat balls.
  • The holes are perfect size for tea leaves.
  • It is extremely easy to use and cleanup, BPA-free and 100% food grade.

=> I suggest this product to one and all who is looking for infuser.


Tilevo Tea Infuser Set of 5

Dimensions:    5.1 x 4 x 5.2 inches

Weight:            8 ounces

Price:               From $15.xx


Tilevo Tea Infuser Set of 5 - The Cute Loose Leaf Silicone Tea Steeper Ball Strainer Diffuser with Gift Box - Includes Animal Monkey Platypus Elephant Squirrel and Shark

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WHILE OTHER TEA INFUSERS: Are too ugly, flimsy, floats and expensive, Tilevo Tea Infusers are super cute, will last longer than other brands, dive into the depth of your cup and give you better value for 5 tea infusers. This means a better cup of tea and smoother flavor that will make your tea time more fun and enjoyable.

CUTE & FUNCTIONAL: 5 of your favorite funny tea infusers Presented in a beautiful Gift Box makes the perfect tea gift for Christmas, Women & Men birthday and all occasions. Come in the shape of Monkey, Shark, Elephant, Squirrel and Platypus with unique creative design protects you from heating up and burning your fingers because of the hot water. Immerse your favorite tea with these adorable infusers that work like a charm.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Tilevo Tea Steeper made with Food Grade, Non-Toxic Silicone which is FDA Approved and BPA Free. They won’t affect the taste of your favorite loose tea or leave an unpleasant odor & will bring the best experience out of loose tea leaves brewed with care. You can feel healthy and confident using our strainer.

EASY TO USE: Different sizes that fit all cups and mugs, Simply remove the Infuser’s bottom half, fill it up with your favorite loose leaf tea, and place it in your cup or mug. Steep it in as long as you require, then lift it out without having to fish it out.

DISHWASHER SAFE/ECO-FRIENDLY/REUSABLE: Place them on the top shelf or utensil basket of your dishwasher for easy cleaning, Using reusable silicone tea strainer ball eliminates tea bag waste and is better for the environment.


Fred & Friends SWEET TEA Lollipop Tea Infuser

Dimensions:    1.5 x 1.5 x 5.1 inches

Weight:            1.6 ounces

Material:          ABS Plastic

Price:               From $10.xx


 Fred SWEET TEA Lollipop Tea Infuser

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  • Sweet Tea Infuser might look like an ordinary lollipop, but it’s so much more. Fill this candy with tea leaves and you're in for a sweet surprise, a great cup of tea.
  • It is made of food-safe plastic, safe for dunking and infusing in any size of mug
  • Go ahead and pop one into your mug or teacup, candy has never been so handy.


Fred & Friends BREW WHALE Tea Infuser

Dimensions:    2.2 x 1.8 x 5.6 inches

Weight:            0.8 ounces

Material:          Silicone

Price:               From $14.xx


 Fred BREW WHALE Tea Infuser

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  • Fill Fred and friend's legendary brew whale with tea leaves and submerge into the hot depths of your teacup.
  • When the steeping complete, just heave on the waterspout handle and help her breach the surface.
  • The out of the water spout stays cool, allowing you to safely remove the infuser without burning your hands.
  • Make tea time a whaling good time with Fred and friends.
  • Food-Safe silicone makes an ideal, easy-to-clean infuser that is oceans of fun to use.
  • This charming animal design is sure to make you smile. BREW WHALE is packed in a colorful box perfect for gifting! When you purchase tea infusers from Genuine Fred, you are guaranteed an original product that is constructed from food-safe, BPA-free silicone. This material is soft, non-toxic, and tasteless, so it won't affect the flavor of your tea.

So if you're really just looking for a cute accessory and you don't mind fidgeting with your tea while you make it, then this is probably right up your ally.


ICASA Unicorn Tea Infuser

Dimensions :   4 x 2.5 x 2.6 inches

Weight:            1.6 ounces

Material:          Silicone

Price:               from $9.xx


Silicone Tea Infuser for Loose Leaf Tea, Unicorn Silicone Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Strainer Tea Filter for Tea Drinkers

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  • This tea infuser is crafted from 100% pure food-grade silicone material which meet FDA safety standard.
  • Silicone tea infuser is soft, elastic, easy-cleaning and heat-resistant up to 250℃.
  • New design: Creative and unique animal modeling make the tea infuser look like a jumping unicorn in your tea cup.
  • This cute tea strainer can catch your guests' eyes. It's also a perfect pretty gift for your friends and families.
  • Easy to clean, non-stick.
  • Manufacturer: ICASA [ICASA Unicorn Tea Infuser, you should have it. Brand new and High quality .Made from heat resistant silicone. Hangs patiently aside your mug ].


House Again 4-pack Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infuser with Drip Tray

Dimensions :   7.3 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches

Weight:            6.4 ounces

Price:               from $9.xx


House Again 4-pack Extra Fine Mesh Tea Infuser with Drip Tray - 18/8 Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Tea Cup with BPA-Free Silicone Lid - Perfect Tea Balls Tea Strainers

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  • MORE PRACTICAL: Designed to be practical not just beautiful or attractive. Truly fine mesh helps you to filter all types of tea, including super fine tea that get through other tea balls or tea diffusers.
  • BETTER TASTE AND FASTER: More holes & won’t float. Tea leaves will expand and bloom fully in the water. You can get a better flavor faster every time.
  • EASY TO USE: Unique HANGING DESIGN makes it possible to hang on cups & mugs of different sizes. Simply fill tea, twist to close, steep with hot water and then get a cup of fresh full flavored tea. Perfect for working or travelling.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: BPA-free Silicone handle and high-grade stainless steel mesh tea cup are made to guarantee your healthy life.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 4 tea infusers (Green, Yellow, Rose Red, Blue) which are dishwasher safe.100% satisfaction guaranteed and friendly customer service.
  • Material: Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Tea Cup with BPA-Free Silicone Lid - Perfect Tea Balls Tea Strainers.
  • It's a really cute infuser and makes your drink more flavorful.


The dunk-brew-toss routine of normal tea bags contribute tons of waste to landfills and are not sustainable for our planet. Fred reusable silicone tea infusers for loose leaf tea are the ideal, sustainable alternative! You can drink the same amount of tea without the waste!


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