Unlock the hidden meanings behind rose flower colors and numbers! Discover which color signifies love, passion, friendship, or appreciation. Learn why roses are one of the most popular gifts around and how to choose the perfect blossom for your loved one. We’ll explore the meaning and message behind each flower color to give you insight into how to use roses to send your special someone the perfect message. From pink to white, red, green, black, and yellow roses – learn what each hue means today!

1. Discover the Spiritual Meaning of Rose Colors

1.1. The Red Rose Petals

Dressed in a captivating, seductive color that draws all eyes to it, it is no wonder that red roses are so beloved. Not only do they bring stunning and beautiful beauty to any setting, but this flower also holds countless interesting stories about life and love. Let us explore the deeper meaning of red roses! 

Historically, the goddess of love has been associated with these flowers, making them a symbol of intense and passionate love that can weather any hardship in order to achieve true happiness. When a new love is budding, roses are used to signify promises of everlasting and eternal love. 

In some cultures, red rose petals are seen as a symbol of fertility and abundance. This is the case for some Native American tribes, where red roses were used to honor new life and celebrate the circle of life. Similarly, in ancient cultures such as Greece and Rome, red rose petals represent prosperity and success. Each flower color has its own unique meaning too. Dark red conveys gratitude and appreciation, while red velvet symbolizes passionate love and depicts beautiful moments shared together. Finally, scarlet roses represent romance in love.

A Red Rose symbolizes love and passion, signifying a strong bond between two hearts.

A Red Rose symbolizes love and passion, signifying a strong bond between two hearts.

1.2. The Yellow Rose Petals

The yellow rose is a symbol of sincere friendship, without any underlying motives or calculations, and can represent the beauty of friendship. It is often used to express feelings of good luck, peace, and contentment. Giving someone a yellow rose is also a promise that in any situation, you will always be there for them. In matters of love, the yellow rose signifies new beginnings and optimism toward romance. This flower has become popularly associated with weddings because it is believed to bring luck and happiness to its owners. Furthermore, its warm yellow color serves as an embodiment of the sun’s positive energy, it is often associated with optimism and good fortune, making it an ideal choice for those who wish to share their hopes for a bright future.

1.3. The Pink Rose Petals

Pink roses are not only a symbol of love, they can also represent peace and gratitude. The presence of pink rose petals in any situation can bring a sense of calm and inner peace. They can also be used to express gratitude for all the blessings that have come into one’s life.

A Rose petal symbolizing unconditional love and admiration- A perfect gift for those you care about.

A Rose petal symbolizing unconditional love and admiration- A perfect gift for those you care about.

1.4. The White Rose Petals

White roses are a symbol of purity, holiness, and eternal love, paying tribute to the purest form of love between couples. This flower is commonly known as the "Flower of Light", guiding couples to the blissful shores of romance. White roses are often used in wedding ceremonies to signify new beginnings. They are also used when visiting gravesites as a respectful gesture towards the deceased soul.

In Christianity, the white rose is a symbol of the Virgin Mary and her unconditional love for humanity. The same can be said for the petals of the white rose – they signify loving devotion to God and spiritual peace.

1.5. The Green Rose Petals

Green roses- a hue that represents fertility, growth, and vigor. No matter how many obstacles one faces, one can always rise up, blossom and bask in the sunshine. This flower, created through Japanese genetic engineering technology, is unlike the vibrant hues of red and yellow, or the purity of white. Instead, it captivates its viewers with its mysterious beauty - pink and green intertwined in a way that ignites feelings of lightness and closeness. Many hearts melt at the mere sight of this flower, as does its symbolic meaning for youth - simplicity, and enthusiasm. The passing years may bring forth many difficulties and challenges yet our youthful spirit remains the same from that first moment when we saw it. 

1.6. The Black Rose Petals

Black roses signify the tragedy of such intense emotion - like that between Apollo, the god of light, and Ellacos, the goddess of darkness. It has long been used to represent the ending of something that was once of great value and importance to us. It is often used as a way to express grief or sorrow over the passing of a loved one or in times when life feels overwhelmingly difficult. In matters of love, however, a black rose may signal that all hope for reconciliation is lost; it is given as a declaration that the relationship has come to its end.

Black roses are not only associated with sadness but can also represent rebirth and new beginnings. They symbolize the courage of the Irish people in their struggle against the British, it can symbolize an inner strength that allows us to overcome adversity and come out on top in tough situations. The meaning behind black roses can be interpreted differently depending on the circumstances; thus, it is important that you use them appropriately according to your individual situations.

1.7. The Purple Rose Petals

For those who seek absolute fidelity, this incredibly unique flower cannot be overlooked. Created from the combination of two European and Chinese flower gene samples, it is no wonder why this flower has become so special. Purple roses symbolize a loyal, deep, and eternal love that nothing can separate. In Eastern culture, these deep purple roses represent steadfast devotion; thus they are often used as gifts and decorations in wedding anniversaries.

1.8.  The Orange Rose Petals

Orange roses are unique flowers created by the hybridization of red and yellow roses, making them particularly special in meaning. Not only do they have the full symbolic value associated with both red and yellow roses, but their fiery hue creates an additional layer of richness in sentiment. Orange roses represent passion and excitement, embodying all that enthusiasm has to offer. They can be used as congratulatory or encouraging gifts on important occasions such as openings or anniversaries, symbolizing strength and energizing those who receive them with positivity. An orange rose bouquet provides an extra boost of energy and enthusiasm, making any event even more special.

1.9. The Blue Rose Petals

The blue rose symbolizes eternal, faithful, and everlasting love; however, something mysterious and enchanting lies within it. Blue is the color of the vast sky and vast ocean, couples who love each other often send their thoughts and a burning desire for love in bouquets of blue roses, vowing to stay together and accompany one another in every moment of life. If someone gives you a bouquet of blue roses, it is a sign of respect and admiration; it implies that you are unique and more special than anyone else in the world.

Transform your life by unlocking the power of blue rose petals.

Transform your life by unlocking the power of blue rose petals.

2. How to Choose Roses to Suit the Recipient

Choosing roses to suit the recipient is an important factor in expressing your feelings. Depending on the occasion and recipient, choosing the right type of rose is essential in conveying your message through flowers. 

  • If you wish to express your profound, passionate emotions for your beloved, opt for a bouquet of red roses.
  •  If you send someone an orange rose, you are expressing appreciation for the energy and enthusiasm they bring into your life.
  • For celebrating the joyous occasion of graduation or long-term friendship with friends, go for a bunch of yellow roses. 
  • To show appreciation to a teacher, give them a pink rose as a thoughtful gift. 
  • When paying homage to someone who has passed away, white roses are an ideal choice. 
  • If you want to console a friend in their time of grief and sorrow, offer them black roses as an expression of sympathy and understanding.
  • To express your gratitude and love for your parents, choose a bouquet of blue and yellow roses.
  • Are you preparing to attend a store opening party or a graduation ceremony of friends and relatives, and you don't know what gift to buy? Choose a bouquet of roses mixed in orange and yellow.

No matter what you choose, it's important to remember that each color carries its own special meaning so make sure you pick one that best expresses how you feel towards the recipient! The proper selection of colors will help you express your feelings in the best way possible. Sending flowers to someone is a wonderful gesture and selecting the right one will ensure that your thoughtfulness is well-received.

Roses are the perfect way to show someone how much you care - choose one that fits their unique personality!

Roses are the perfect way to show someone how much you care - choose one that fits their unique personality!

3. What Does the Number of Roses You Give Mean? 

  • A single rose symbolizes uniqueness, representing that one has you in their heart and only your shadow. It also carries the message "Love at first sight". 
  • Two roses signify deep affection
  • Three roses express a firm affirmation of love. 
  • Four roses signify eternal love - nothing can separate us. 
  • Five roses express sincere love without any self-interest or lies. 
  • Six roses mean that one must both love and forgive another in order to remain in a loving relationship. 
  • Seven roses represent being immersed in the feeling of love; eight flowers thank the other for always being there and continuing to support each other
  • Nine roses show eternal devotion
  • Ten is complete and perfect, expressing completeness between two people
  • 99 flowers signify a promise of never-fading love.
  • 999 roses represent everlasting love for one another.

The Bottom Line

As we have seen, roses can have a multitude of meanings depending on their color and number. They are often associated with romance and love but can also symbolize friendship, respect, admiration, and other positive emotions. The gift of roses can truly be an amazing gift for any occasion no matter the theme or message you’re trying to send.


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