When it comes to the spiritual meaning of lemon balm, this herb is all about protection. If you feel spiritually unprotected, lemon balm can help shield you from negative energy and entities. It is also a great herb for exorcisms, as it can help drive out unwanted spirits.  A member of the mint family, this plant is loaded with a multitude of health benefits that can help bring about positive mental well-being. Not only can lemon balm be an incredible addition to your spiritual practice, but it can also support healthy energy levels and focus, reduce stress and anxiety levels as well as relieve pain. In this blog post, we dive deep into the powerful spiritual benefits that come from using the lemon balm as part of your holistic lifestyle regimen!

1. Origin and history of lemon balm

Deeply rooted in ancient history, the mysterious lemon balm is a herb that has long been shrouded in mystique. Known scientifically as Melissa officinalis (a member of the mint family, different from lemongrass), this sacred plant was deeply revered by the people of Ephesus - modern-day Turkey - for its unique healing properties and connection to the Temple of Artemis/Diana.

Interestingly enough, this particular herb had a special bond with honeybees; sprigs of lemon balm were placed inside beehives in ancient Greece in order to draw swarms of honeybees. Pliny the Elder noted that bees were "delighted with this herb above others". This association explains why lemon balm's scientific name translates to mean ‘bee’ or ‘honey bee’, while its lesser-known Greek designation is “Apiastrum”. 

It is native to the Mediterranean region but can now be found in many parts of the world. The plant's leaves have a distinct lemony scent and flavor making it popular in teas, salads, desserts, and other dishes. 

In the 18th century, lemon balm’s popularity as a medicinal herb spread in Europe and North America. “In the ninth century, the first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne thought Melissa so beautiful and so valuable to the health of his subjects that he ordered it planted in all monastery gardens. Benedictine monks later shipped the herb to another region.

Lemon balm first appeared in a late Medieval as “herb melissa” and “baume”

Lemon balm first appeared in a late Medieval as “herb melissa” and “baume”

2. Spiritual Meaning of Lemon Balm


  • Arianrhod: Selene
  • Artemis: Diana
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Moon

2.1 It is good for the crown chakras and the heart chakras

Lemon balm is known to be a powerful spiritual aid in balancing the crown and heart chakras. Its distinct lemon aroma stimulates the higher vibrations of these energy centers, helping to open them up and allowing for more positive and uplifting energies to flow through. 

2.2 It helps improve one's mood and lift one's spirits

This herb is known to have mood-enhancing properties, which makes it a great choice for those looking to lift their spirits. Its pleasant citrus scent can be calming and soothing, helping to ease anxious feelings and combat stress. When used in aromatherapy or teas, it can also help to inspire creativity and bring clarity of thought as well as greater focus.

2.3 It's a symbol of longevity

It is often seen as a symbol of longevity due to its hardy nature and excellent climate tolerance. It is capable of surviving in many different climates, making it ideal for gardens and homes alike. This makes lemon balm an ideal representation of long life, health, and renewal. The plant's deep symbolism also serves as a reminder that life is finite but that there are always possibilities ahead even in difficult times.

2.4 Lemon balm is associated with the planet's moon

The herb is believed to have a strong connection to lunar energy, helping one tap into intuition and use the power of the moon to bring forth clarity in thought and emotional stability. With its link to lunar energy, it can also aid in connecting people with their spiritual side through meditative practices.

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3. Uses of lemon balm in the Middle Ages

3.1. An ingredient in herbal teas, perfumes, recipes, and cocktails.

With its refreshing citrus aroma and flavor, lemon balm continues to be appreciated today both as a therapeutic remedy and an ingredient in herbal teas, perfumes, and cocktails. Monks in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance used it to make perfumes and liquors. Today, lemon balm is widely used in Switzerland as a flavoring agent for certain cheeses and cookery.

3.2 It helps to heal wounds

During the Renaissance, lemon balm was highly revered for its healing properties. Gerard, an herbalist-surgeon, cited Pliny and Discorides in his book “The Grete Herball” where they wrote that drinking it with wine was good against bites of venomous animals and could bring comfort to the heart and dispel melancholy. Furthermore, they mentioned that the juice could help heal green wounds. People during this period believed that taking lemon balm elixir daily could potentially lead to a longer life. 

3.3. It helps to soothe muscles

According to John Parkinson, author of “Paradise I Sole Paradisus Terrestris”, the best way to comfort tense or aching muscles during summer is through medicinal baths. He suggests using herbs such as Melissa and Balme, which should be steeped in ale for an added therapeutic effect. This balm water can even be used as an alternative to AquaVitae against sudden palpitations and other heart-related issues.

3.4. Applications in medicine

Studies conducted in Europe have revealed the antiviral properties of this herb, demonstrated by its ability to reduce the healing time of herpes cold sores and shingles outbreaks. Moreover, ongoing research is exploring lemon balm's potential therapeutic applications for Grave’s disease, hyperthyroidism, and Alzheimer’s/dementia. This medicinal plant may soon become a valuable tool in treating many currently incurable conditions. Only time will tell if lemon balm can fulfill its promise as an effective treatment option.

4. How to use lemon balm within spiritual practices?

4.1. Carry lemon balm with you to attract love into your life

One way to incorporate lemon balm into spiritual practices is to add dried lemon balm to a love spell. According to Gregg [5], using leaves and flowers as amulets can help attract love, manifest dreams, deepen spiritual connections and create a feeling of trust when promoting relationships. Zalewski further adds that wearing a sprig of lemon balm around the neck will make a woman beloved and faithful [6]. He suggests soaking lemon balm leaves in wine and drinking it with loved ones; carrying this herb may even lead one to find true love. It can also be used to let go of emotional ties and heal emotional wounds. Thus, it is clear that Lemon Balm has many magical properties when used correctly for various purposes.

4.2.  Use lemon balm to attract luck in the home

This herb is also believed to be effective in cleansing and purifying the energy of a space, thus creating an inviting atmosphere for positive energies to inhabit. Hanging a bunch of dried lemon balm with an even number of stems in the house is believed to bring good luck. Hang this bundle near doors or windows so that any incoming luck can easily find its way into your space  (Avoid hanging sit near toilets or trash cans.). Additionally, adding a bit of dried lemongrass or bay leaf will further enhance the effect of the lemon balm by providing additional aromas known for their luck-attracting properties. With just a bit of effort, you can bring some luck and good fortune into your home with the help of this herb. 

4.3. Meditate with lemon balm to open the crown chakra

This herb is known for its healing properties and has been used to balance the crown chakras. It can be used to help open up the spiritual connection within oneself and promote inner peace. It is also said to bring clarity of thought and ease mental stress. Finally, It is a powerful tool for grounding energy, allowing us to better connect with Mother Earth. 

4.4. Use lemon balm to protect your energy field

This magic herb can be used to create an energetic barrier and protect the user’s energy field. Sprinkling dried herb leaves around oneself or one's home will form a protective shield, guarding against any lower vibrations that may bring harm or negative energies. This technique dates back centuries ago when it was used by shamans and healers in many cultures for its protective properties. 

4.5. Bath with lemon balm to cleanse your aura & clear negative energy

Bathing with this herb oil is a great way to cleanse your aura and remove negative energy. Adding just a few drops of this essential oil to your bath water can help you relax, restore balance and create an atmosphere of peace and protection. As you soak in the calming effects of the warm water, the aroma from the lemon balm will fill the room and help clear away any built-up anger or stress. This herb oil works as an anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent, helping to purify and cleanse your body from within. After bathing, be sure to rinse off thoroughly as the oil naturally clings to the skin. You’ll feel refreshed, renewed, and ready for whatever comes next!

Note: When bathing with this herb oil, it is important to remember the following: use only pure essential oils and not synthetic fragrances; always do a patch test before using any new product on your skin.

4.6. Smudge with lemon balm for cleansing a space of negativity

Smudging with this herb is a great way to cleanse a space of negative energy. Start by gathering the lemon balm into a bundle, making sure not to tie it too tightly. Light one end of the bundle using a match and blow out any flames that may appear. The tips of the leaves should start smoldering slowly releasing thick smoke. With one hand, direct this smoke around your body and your space in a clockwise motion (some suggest starting where you began). You can use a fan or feather to help direct the smoke if desired. Continue until you have gone full circle and allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl or dish as you go along. Once complete, snuff out the remaining embers by pressing them into the bowl. Your space should now be cleansed and energized with positive energy. 

4.7. Use lemon balm tea for deep, restorative sleep

People with insomnia who use lemon balm often find that this herb helps them to have a better night's sleep. Lemon balm has been used for centuries as an herbal remedy due to its calming and soothing effects on the body when ingested, helping people relax and reduce their stress levels so they can get a good night's rest. The active ingredients found in lemon balm are also known to help reduce nightmares, making it a great choice for those suffering from insomnia. Many people recommend drinking a cup of lemon basil tea before bedtime as a way to ensure an undisturbed and restful sleep, free from any unwelcome visions or nightmares.

Drink a cup of lemon balm tea before going to bed to have good dreams.

Drink a cup of lemon balm tea before going to bed to have good dreams.

4.8. Plant lemon balm for protection and harmony at home

Special herb has long been hailed as powerful natural protector, able to ward off evil spirits and bring positive energy into the home. Growing lemon balm is easy—simply water it regularly during dry periods and trim its leaves if they become too long. For maximum protective power, plant two or three pots of lemon balm in a circle around your house. It will help keep your home protected from evil spirits.

4.9. Use lemon balm in Moon Magic

Lemon balm is particularly associated with Moon magic and ritual workings. On the full moon night, burn 1 sprig of dried lemon balm and make your wish prayer under the bright moonlight. It is said that when you chant a special mantra while burning it, all your wishes will be fulfilled. Believe that your wishes will come true and release them into the Universe with trust and faith. Many people have already experienced this magical effect! Try it on the next full moon day and see what happens! This simple ritual can help you to manifest your dreams into reality.

5. Is lemon balm toxic to animals?

Lemon balm is generally considered to be non-toxic in animals, but it is not recommended for animals to eat. In rare cases, excessive amounts of the plant may cause some digestive upset or mild skin irritation. If ingested in large amounts, it can cause vomiting and digestive upset in cats and dogs. It's best to keep the plant away from your pet's reach; if your pet does ingest the leaves, please contact your vet immediately. Regnant pets should refrain from consuming any part of a lemon balm plant as some compounds may be harmful to developing fetuses. Additionally, The smoke from lemon balm should not cause any harm to pets. The smoke produced by smudging with lemon balm is unlikely to be more harmful than the smoke produced by burning other herbs such as sage or cedar. However, if you are concerned about potential risks, it's best to avoid smudging in areas where your pets spend time.

6. Conclusion

Lemon basil is revered for its purported magical properties, the full extent of which still remains largely unknown. There are many ways that lemon balm can be used within the spiritual practice, in any form lemon balm can be added to any spell or magical working. With its lemony scent and ability to draw people in, it can be an invaluable tool for anyone looking to bring more love into their life. It is an important tool for practitioners of meditation, relaxation, and other techniques that seek to connect with the divine energy within. Lemon balm has been used in rituals throughout history, so why not take advantage of these ancient practices yourself?


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