It sounds like an odd combination, but washing your hands with cinnamon and sugar is one of the best-kept rituals to manifest and attract money into your life. If you are struggling financially, this ritual is for you! This ancient practice has the ability to create energy around wealth and financial abundance, so why not give it a try? Let's see how cinnamon and sugar have spiritual significance to help attract money and luck. Detailed instructions on how to do this below will help you better understand.

washing hands with cinnamon and sugar

washing hands with cinnamon and sugar

1. Why are cinnamon and sugar effective in attracting money?

Did you know? Cinnamon and sugar is a money drawer? Cinnamon and sugar are believed to be lucky charms that help attract money. The scent of cinnamon draws in luck and money, the sweetness of the sugar symbolizes abundance.

There are many spiritual rituals related to cinnamon that we often see witches guide, for example: blowing cinnamon in front of the house to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck to the family, wiping the house with cinnamon water to clear negative energy, or the custom of making cinnamon and coffee charms in the wallet to attract fortune, or washing hands with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar to call for money... So cinnamon can be seen as a very popular spiritual herb in daily life.

Mihaela Minca (Europe and LA-based witch specializing in traditional Roma magic) once reminded people that when performing any ritual to attract money, good luck must come from the heart, and the mind must be consistent with that.

She also said: "Scorpio natives will have a lot of work this fall, and the good news is that there is no risk of losing their job and earnings. On the contrary, they will be doing better financially, enjoying the rewards in September or October and getting out of major debt by Christmas Even if inflation rises and the economic situation is unstable in the country, Scorpios will enjoy stability and are advised by Venus to collect all the extra money they earn. in this regard. And those who are looking for another job will also have good offers, even if they don't come overnight! Scorpio is definitely among the most active signs with money luck this fall."

2. How Washing Hands With Cinnamon and Sugar

Things you need to prepare:

  • 1 large bowl filled with water
  • 1 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1 tsp sugar

Steps to take

  • Step 1: Take one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and sugar and pour it into the palm of ur hand. In your head, you begin to shape your desires.
  • Step 2: Rub the powder mixture evenly on both palms and decree money reading Psalms 23 &62 afterwards begin to wash and continue declaring that money shall not run away from you or lack in your hands.  Or you can say the following mantra: "I open the path to wealth without end. The money I need the universe will send. Bill will be paid my worries released and my money will grow. So it shall be, this I make true. Thank you x3"
  • Step 3: After the spell, put water in a bowl and wash ur hands in it then throw it in ur garden. Don't wash it with running water...running water is to send away. 

3. Some frequently asked questions

3.1 When should this ritual be performed?

Did you know that Thursday is a great day to attract money? According to astrology, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter - the planet that symbolizes luck, success, and prosperity.

3.2 How many times should this ritual be performed?

The ritual should be performed on a daily basis. If you can consistently do this for just 14 days all I can say for now is congratulations. 


As you can see, this ritual is quite easy to do on a daily basis. I worked for 1 week, the result was quite surprising, I received more than $2000 thanks to a class action lawsuit, I think it is quite useful for those who are having financial difficulties. You won't know the results until you try it. Note that when performing the hand-washing ritual, you should recite the mantra with a wish that comes from your heart, sincerely sending your wish to the gods.

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