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Lemongrass is one of the most popular herbs with a lemony scent. This plant adds great flavor to culinary dishes and becomes an indispensable part of meditation and mind relaxing. Those two applications are just a few lemongrass incense benefits to name!

So what is it? What is this incense used for? Follow naturalscents.net to find out the main benefits and how to exploit this great fragrance fully!


5 benefits of uses lemongrass incense


What Is Lemongrass Incense?

Overall, lemongrass is a tall and perennial grass native to subtropical and tropical climates. This plant often grows in a dense clump of upright and stiff stems. While it develops from a bulb or rhizome, lemongrass doesn’t spread as much.

Instead, each clump tends to be around 6 feet high and 4 feet wide. When separated as an individual stalk, it looks like spring onions but much sturdier and woodier with grey-green leaves.

This herb is often used to make medicines or treat digestive problems like stomach, vomiting, fever, or high blood pressure. This plant is also commonly seen in food and beverages as a flavoring like in herbal teas.

In cosmetics and soaps, lemongrass also acts as a fragrance to offer users a more comfortable and aromatic feeling.

Lemongrass incense is the extraction of lemongrass, which is often burnt to release light and fresh fragrance to purify the air and keep your mind relaxing.

In the main recipes, this incense comprises the ground lemongrass powder, Makko, frankincense, sandalwood, and benzoin gum, each ingredient having a specific benefit. Blend them into a fine powder and add some water drops to make a heavy dough-like form; let it dry, and you are ready to use it.

Makko powder is an indispensable part of any incense product as it effectively prolongs the burn and helps enhance the actual lemongrass fragrance.

On the other hand, Frankincense powder delivers a spicy and woody smell and improves arthritis, the digestive system, asthma, and oral health. Thanks to this, even those with a keen nose can comfortably enjoy the incense.

Sandalwood and benzoin gum are here to keep the incense safe for your skin. Those two ingredients prevent your skin from cracking or suffering from allergies.

You can refer to our guide to making incense cones at home to better understand the composition of today's incense.


ingredient of lemongrass incense


Overall, the product is available in four main types and shapes: incense sticks, cones, rope incense, and big-sized sticks. The first type is easy to burn and sufficient for small indoor spaces.

The incense cones tend to burn faster than the previous version and release instantly intense smoke so that they will last for a shorter time.

The last type has the largest shape, and thus, it is more economical to choose this one if your space is in the open air and needs constant purifiers.


Main tyoes of lemongrass incense


What Does Lemongrass Incense Smell Like?

Lemongrass delivers a lemon flavor with some hints of ginger. That’s why you can easily get a cool, fresh yet warm feeling like the autumn when inhaling lemongrass.

However, the lemon aroma is more intense, so lemongrass is commonly used in some herbal teas to deliver a lemon flavor.

Its incense often features other herbs and components besides the main lemongrass ingredient. Therefore, the lemongrass aroma is often gentle and light.

This fragrance is pleasantly light and fresh to relax the best ambiance and reduce the chances of asthmas or aroma allergies. When burning it for hours in your room, you will find your home decor like cushions or blankets having this incense for around one to two days.

Besides, you can learn more about the sweet aroma and the benefits of using jasmine incense in our article below.


Lemongrass incense delivers a lemon flavor with some hints of ginger


Lemongrass Incense Benefits

Detoxifies And Purifies The Room’s Air

Due to its properties mentioned above, lemongrass incense uses include effectively preventing or curbing the growth of harmful invisible bacteria in the air. The incense fragrance is not too strong to cause discomfort or trouble for those with sinusitis.

Instead, the incense delivers a pleasant feeling and keeps the room’s air dry and fresh even on humid days. Thanks to this, bacteria and fungus will develop at slower rates if not eliminated.

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Detoxifies And Purifies The Room’s Air


Keeps Mosquitoes And Bugs At Bay

Bugs and mosquitoes in tropical areas are always a real annoyance, which causes unpleasant experiences and, worse, unwanted contagious diseases like malaria. That is a lemongrass incense purpose, making it among the indispensable household parts.

Lemongrass comes with a high proportion of citral, a popular property in most mosquitoes repellents. The incense also includes rosemary, cedarwood, citronella, bamboo, and peppermint.

Therefore, keeping this incense near the window or the front door can ward off mosquitoes and other insects like lizards or bugs.


refel Mosquitoes And Bugs


Aids In Yoga And Meditation

Like other types of incense, lemongrass can aid your meditation and yoga sessions. This powerful fragrance keeps the surrounding air fresh and pleasant while helping users focus highly and avoid unwanted external interferences.

Your mind will be relaxed, pressure-free, tuned in with yourself and your thoughts, and open to new creative thoughts, and that’s what meditation and yoga aim at.

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lemongrass improve Yoga And Meditation


Beneficial For Health

There should be no complaints about lemongrass incense sticks benefits. This ingredient shows antioxidants properties, including isoorientin and chlorogenic acid, useful in scavenging free radicals in your body.

Thanks to its effective antimicrobial properties, oral infections, and tooth cavities are a few diseases that incense can treat.

For those contracting strokes or heart diseases, this powerful remedy is also undoubtedly useful. In lemongrass, geraniol and citral compounds offer anti-inflammatory benefits to curb the development and impacts of inflammation-causing markers inside the body.

There are various positive health influences that you can consult:

Helps Relax And Relieves Stress

Able to aid the meditation and yoga practice, lemongrass incense undoubtedly helps your mind relax and reduces daily pressure. The essential oil shows a neutral effect on Vata dosha to keep your mood high and balanced.

Plus, excessive pitta dosha and Kapha is also reduced thanks to this incense to keep your mind at ease and reduce the risk of depression and other mental disorders.

Alleviates Insomnia

As the fragrance can freshen the room, encourage relaxation, and reduce anxiety and stress, it enables users to sleep faster and deeper. This aroma also combats insomnia by acting as a natural sedative to eliminate the chances of disordered sleeping patterns.

Is Used In Aromatherapy

Lemongrass can be effective in aromatherapy by encouraging the release of excess pitta energy. Under the influence of lemongrass, participants will likely sweat more and detoxify all harmful interior properties.

All you need is a muscle rub or add a little oil to a warm bath. The incense will quickly help the body eliminate toxins and fluid to soothe any achy area.

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Lemongrass helps relax and relieves stress


Boosts Positivity And Inspiration

By relaxing your mind, lemongrass incense makes you feel more focused on your task and thus inspiring you to come up with new and creative ideas to solve the problem.

Also, the appealing aroma will surely contribute to your brighter outlook on life.

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lemongrass incense makes you feel more focused on your works


Is Lemongrass Incense Safe For Dogs And Cats?

While the incense repels insects and bugs and mosquitoes or lizards, it doesn’t harm your dog or cat pets. On the reverse, the pleasing aroma even keeps your pets less overactive or agitated.

However, when burning the sticks, you need to strictly follow the instructions and keep them in a safe place. Dogs and cats can easily get burnt accidentally touching the sticks out of curiosity, so don’t let the burning incense be unsupervised.

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Lemongrass incense safe for dogs and cats


Where To Buy Lemongrass Incense?

Various brands specialize in this incense that you can easily find on the Internet. Among those brands, HEM is one of the most famous and reliable ones, offering a calming scent to help you unwind and sleep faster and deeper.

If you are a big fan of this fragrance and burn it frequently, Shubhkart is a great option with the best variety pack of sticks. Those scented sticks can also burn slowly and evenly.

The Aakriti manufacturer is also worth your investment, especially when on a meditation or yoga course. Its products are 100% natural and free from harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances to ensure the best spiritual healing.

Greenbrier incense is surely a good salvage for tight budgets, having a lower price tag than other products but the same quality. It is a slow-burning and clean incense type so that you can use it for longer periods.

They are just a few brands to name, and you can see other best lemongrass incense brands and buying locations to find the best distributing place.


Lemongrass incense benefits are indisputable both physically and spiritually. You can easily come across reliable and versatile products on the market or even have your own DIY ones to use as a meaningful gift.

Burning it at your home will improve your mental health while keeping the air fresher and away from harmful and annoying insects! So why not give it a go?

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