Top 6 Buddha Backflow Incense Burners

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Backflow incense burners have the magical effect of calming the mind and letting you drift to sleep unknowingly. In addition they also act as a decorative piece of art to your room.

So are you looking for the best Buddha backflow incense burner? Here is our best collection that exclusively features the Buddha image. I’m sure within this collection you will find one that uplifts your feelings and fits your room.


#1. Incense Burner Backflow Tower Cones Sticks Holder Ceramic Porcelain Buddha Monk Ash Catcher- Blue

With an image of the clasped hands, the blue Buddha backflow burner features a beautiful gift to complete the décor of any home. When you incorporate it into your room, it will aid you in the physical and mental relaxation thus giving you the long cherished peace.

Considering the handcrafted design, the ceramic backflow burner let the smoke glides downward. The ceramic ash catcher is also easy to clean. With the carefully designed cone holder, it ensures the cone remain in place as it glows slowly till the last bit.

Not only does it accept the backflow cones but incense sticks too. Its 0.4lbs lightweight makes it portable also. Since the burner comes complete with five backflow cones, it allows you to get started right away.

And when you add some little amount of sand at the abase you get a stable backflow incense burner.



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Product information

  • Material: Ceramic
  • Color: Blue
  • Package include: 1 incense burner & 5 backflow incense cones
  • Product Dimension:3.1*2.5*4.7IN
  • Product Weight:0.4 LB/6 Oz
  • The Backflow Principle: because the density of smoke is heavier than the air density, smoke stream from the high down like a waterfall

How to Use

  • Choose a flat, windless place
  • Lit up the top of the backflow cone, burn it fully in case you have to lit it again
  • Place it on the incense burner, and wait a few minutes, the smog will slowly stream down, a dreamlike waterfall shows

Warm Tips:

  • After cones burned, it will leave yellow liquid and ash
  • Wash it with water, Naturally dry would be great
  • Please contact us if you have any questions


#2. Fingered Citron Monk 

With its distinguishing mark of a figured hand and the monk at the base, the backflow burner represents a welcoming atmosphere to the mediation or study room. And when the tower backflow cones start to glow and send downward smoke, it covers the Buddha image for a vivid sight.

The burner measuring 11cms by 21cms and weighing 2.38 pounds has the broad circular base that adds to its stability. Considering the intricately positioned cone holder at the center of the monk's hands, it continues to burn without fear of toppling over.

With its unique design that vividly portrays the contrast between the light-skinned monk, the dark citron figured hand and the white smog, and the Spie backflow incense burner has the captivating outlook.

Product information

  • Name: fingered citron monk 
  • Material: ceramic 
  • Process: semi manual, semi mechanical, 
  • Specification: 11*21cm
  • The package includes: 1 * incense burner + 10 * cone incense 



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#3. Buddha monk and Moon Backflow incense burner

Do you wish for the backflow incense burner positioned on the crescent moon? Well, that’s precisely what the Buddha monk and moon burner offers you. For easy cleaning, it features the ceramic material handcrafted to perfection.

The bright light skinned monk with the pool of white smog spread at the feet will form the center of attraction in any room. To further add to its beauty, it bears the swastika imprint at the center. When you consider the round base and the 1.47lbs weight, you realize it’s a burner designed to be stable.

When you consider the swastika symbol which might not be adored by non-Buddhist, it’s an attractive art that surely calms the mind.

Product information

  • Name: Buddha monk and Moon Backflow incense burner
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Size: 14.5 * 10.5CM
  • Package includes:1 * Incense Burner + 10 * Cone Incense

Backflow Incense Burner Buddha monk and Moon Ceramic Censer for Home Decor Tea ceremony

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#4. Buddha head inccense Burner

If you are looking for the backflow incense burner with the elegant Buddha head shape, then the Spie backflow incense burner has it all.  The ceramic made burner has the Buddha image as the center of attraction.

Due to its colorful picture and the general image created by the piece of art, it impacts the feeling of calmness and improved concentration. As the rare piece of artistic collection, it’s one of the best gifts to give a friend and wish him good luck.

With ten free backflow tower cones provided in the package, you are set for a deep meditation moment. However, the burner requires close attention due to the delicate ceramic material and the raised cone holder.

Product information

  • Name: Buddha head inccense Burner
  • Material type: Ceramic
  • Function: Cone Inccense
  • Origin: Dehua
  • Size: length 12.5cm, height 19cm
  • The package includes:1 * Inccense Burner + 10 * Cone Inccense

 Spie Backflow incense burner aroma furnace ceramic Colorful clouds moon decoration

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#5. Jili Online Creative Home Decor The Little Monk/Tathagata/Buddha Statue Censer Backflow Incense Burner

The little Buddha statue is not only, an incense burner but a classical piece of furnishing too. Add it to your bedroom, study or sitting room and notice how it changes its outlook.

The burner features a monk clothed in red and kneeling on the large base ash collecting tray. As the white mist river flow down before the monk, it creates the perfect setting for meditation. The ceramic made, backflow incense burner and the scented cones help to create the soothing and calming effect

With the design that accommodates both incense cones and sticks, it’s the piece of a burner that finds use in every home.

Product description

  • Incense burning furnace, read or play art, cleaning thought, make focus.
  • Exquisite workmanship,can be a classical furnishings
  • As a refined interest,or for your special hospitality
  • Small size,easy to carry
  • Incense burners are ideal for burning your favorite incenses while providing a decorative accent to any space.
  • Suitable for the study, bedroom, yoga studio. Place them on your desk, table, or ideally, on an alter stand.
  • These marvelous ceramic incense burners will provide years and years of usage and are an easy way to add a beautiful fragrance to your home or office.


  • Materials: Ceramics
  • Color: Red 10x7x10cm
  • Package Includes: 1Piece Incense Burner(Incense does not Included).


 Jili Online Creative Home Decor The Little Monk/Tathagata/Buddha Statue Censer Backflow Incense Burner - Red 10x7x10cm

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#6. OTOFY Handmade Ceramic Incense Holder - Gold Buddha

Owing to its handmade craft, gold finishing and the central Buddha image figure, the OTOFY backflow incense holder and burner has elicited praises from many people.  The beautiful gift which uses both the backflow cones and sticks finds many applications in study rooms, yoga rooms or bedroom.

For the weight of just 10 ounces, the backflow incense burner and cone holder is highly portable. With the cone holder providing much stability and the whitish mist river trickling down the stairs, it becomes a classic furnishing for the home. To help you get started away, the package comes complete with one burner plus 10 free backflow incense cones!

Product information

  • Type: Handmade incense holders, Applicable to Backflow incense cones.
  • Material: Ceramic, handmade crafts & Unique design.
  • Application scope: Living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel, library,etc.
  • Novelty: Need to use backflow incense cone, burning incense cone placed in the incense holders hole, there will be beautiful results.
  • Package include: 1 Incense Holder & 10 backflow incense cone.

Production process

  • 1300 ℃ calcination.
  • 72 working procedure.
  • 20 days handmade.

How to use:

Need to use backflow incense cone, burning incense cone placed in the incense holders hole, there will be beautiful results.


OTOFY Handmade Ceramic Incense Holder, Backflow Incense Burner Figurine Incense Cone Holders Home Decor Gift Decorations Statue Ornaments (Auspicious Dragon)

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The above list illustrates the finest Buddha backflow burners. It’s a collection that bestows a sense of peace to your room or office. In addition they also double as decorative equipment have one caught your attention? Fulfill your wish; make an order from the Amazon.


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