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Smudging is a Native American tradition that is being practiced for thousands of years for reducing negative energy. Sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender are the most common herbs that are used for smudging for many years. The additional supplies that are used are matches, candles, a fireproof bowl with sand, and smudge sticks.

One must prepare the environment as well as himself for a perfect smudging by keeping all the ingredients on a table and equally choose a time when he will not be disturbed by anyone or any incident.

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  1. What is a sage smudge kit?
  2. How to use a sage smudge kit?
  3. How do you smudge a house with sage?
  4. Where you can buy a sage smudge kit?
  5. Top 5 best sage smudging kits at amazon
Best Sage Smudging Kits on Amazon


1. What Is A Sage Smudge Kit?

The most effective herb that is used for smudging is sage and the kits that make the use of these smudging processes are known as smudging kits. Smudging kits are a full package that includes the items that are needed in the smudging process.

We can find various products in different packages of smudge kits. Sometimes smudging kits packages are only with different smudging kits. In the sage smudge kit, there is a variety of kits that are found. The most important kit used in smudging is a smudge stick.

In most cases, a white sage smudge stick is included in the package as it is the best one. The cloud of thick smoke is used for smudging after burning the stick a little bit. This kit is used to purify the house, people, and even different objects.

Some other helping kits for smudging are provided in different packages. Another common product that is said to be one of the most important is a feather which is used in smudging to blow the thick smoke in each part of the house or the object easily instead of using the hand itself.

A bowl made of different things is sometimes provided to hold the sage stick before, during, or after smudging. Sometimes to hold the bowl perfectly, a stand is provided which also seems like a decoration item. There are many more products used in the smudging process and are found in online stores as smudging kits.

What Is A Sage Smudge Kit?


2. How To Use A Sage Smudge Kit?

To begin smudging, the smudge sticks should be lightened with the help of the candle and then keep the sticks on a fireproof container the smudging process can be started with the thick smoke. While smudging one should be kept connected to his breathing all the time. It is important to realize that the fireproof container is used for various purposes from protecting the floor from being dusty with the ashes to the hands from fire as well during the smudging process. Additionally, the smoke can be blown with the help of a hand or a feather if anyone has it or it can also be bought from the stores.

How To Use A Sage Smudge Kit


3. How Do You Smudge A House With Sage?

For smudging a house one can move along one corner to another starting from the front door and blows the smoke on the air. On the other hand, for smudging a person the smoke wave can be blown from head to feet of a person. One can purify himself before or after the smudging process.

At the end of the smudging process, the sticks should be dipped into the sand bowl until the sticks are fully distinguished. Moreover, the sticks should be packed carefully so that they don’t become damage until the next smudging process.


  • Light sage or palo santo, put out the flame, and place over shell for safety and as a guide throughout the room.
  • Start from the left side of the door and stay to the left as you move through the area being cleansed while saying a prayer asking for positive energy.
  • When smudging carries the sage or palo santo to each corner of the room.
  • Pay homage to the cardinal directions, east, west, north, south.
  • Once you return to the door shoot the smoke out to remove negative energy.
  • If smudging another person use smudge on self first, offer positive intention or prayers.
How Do You Smudge A House With Sage?


4. Where You Can Buy A Sage Smudge Kit?

People generally prefer to sit at home and order products from online stores as it saves time and the best products are found as well. Among most of the online stores, there should be research on which store provides authentic products and I have found Amazon as one of the popular and authentic. We can have the smudging kits easily from Amazon. Amazon is one of the online stores where we can find authentic smudging kits easily by viewing the reviews of the customers. Different types of smudging kits with different prices are available on Amazon and we can find the best product from there.

5. Top 5 Best Sage Smudging Kits At Amazon

#1. Worldly Finds - smudge kit spiritual set

Smudge kit spiritual set includes all the ingredients that are needed for smudging and also for making the ritual easier. The abalone shell and the wooden stand look gorgeous together and are also very good decorative items. The stand is very useful as it holds the shell and the ritual becomes easier to perform. Another useful thing that is included here to spread the smoke everywhere is a large turkey feather and which should be used carefully to prevent it from burning by getting in touch with the burned sticks.

Chakra stone healing bracelet is used for protection from negative energy, harmony as well as aromatherapy. Both men and women can wear it and it fits in everyone's hand easily. White sage incense cone can be used in between the smudging ceremony.

California white sage stick is proved with the kit set to perform the ritual with more purity as it is the best sage stick among all. Palo Santo stick is a holy stick used as a smudge stick as well.

A smudge kit spiritual set can be the best gift for people as it helps to remove negative energy through smudging. Anyone is bound to fall in love with this smudging kit set at a first glance. Eventually, an abalone shell with the stand can also be used as a decorative piece rather than a smudge kit.

Additionally, for perfect smudging, a gift card is provided with all the instructions given to perform the ritual step by step with the gift set. Everything provided with the smudging kit is the same as the description and the picture.


  • High-quality products
  • The Abalone shell looks gorgeous and large
  • Wooden stand
  • Incense cones included
  • 7 Stone Chakra Bracelet (Unisex)
  • Instruction card for smudging
  • Palo Santo stick
  • California white sage stick
  • Turkey feather


  • Chance of burning the feather
  • Chance of being heated up the shell
  • More than you need if you only want smudge sticks
Worldly Finds - smudge kit spiritual set


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#2. Tatum & Shea - Smudging Kit with abalone shell, wooden tripod

Unlike the first two kits, this smudging kit comes with three different types which include the sizes small, regular and regular with a feather. The three types of smudge kits come with three different prices to help people buy the product according to their budget.

Among the three only one includes the feather which is a little bit higher price.

The abalone shell itself is of a gorgeous design naturally which can be used as a decorative piece as well. The abalone shell sometimes includes holes and these are natural and a must-have thing in the shell. As can be seen, the abalone shell is provided to hold the burning sticks into the shell while smudging there is no reason for heating the shell. On the other hand, while using the abalone shell one must be very careful if the shell becomes warmer to prevent any kind of accident.

This kit can also be a gift piece for people to remove negativity around them. Eventually, it can be gifted to a newly married couple who are going to start their new life, people who shifted their house or bought a new one, or to those who bought new things for reducing negativity around them through smudging.


  • Choice of variety
  • Gorgeous shell
  • Instruction card
  • Wood stand
  • Made in Califonia


  • Feather included in one type
  • Chance of burning the feather
  • Chance of being heated up the shell
Tatum Shea - Smudging Kit with abalone shell, wooden tripod


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#3. My Lumina - sage incense sticks for spiritual chakra cleansing

To describe this smudge kit, it can be said that though many items like the other smudging kits are not included; this kit is enough for one who is starting his very first spiritual journey. Palo Santo and White sage sticks are used to removing negativity from home, office, or even to smudge one who dreams bad at night and also to get rid of sickness as well. A traditional cleansing ritual like smudging drives away negative energy which is believed by Native Americans for thousands of years.

Especially, the abalone shell which makes the smudging process easier for one by holding the ashes of smudge sticks is provided with the kit. Whereas one should also be very careful while using the abalone shell as there is no stand included and the shell might be heating up.

No feather or stand is included in this smudging kit. White sages smudge sticks and Palo Santo which is mandatory for smudging is included.

Similarly, it is also a very nice gift set and cost-effective one as well for a beginner of spiritual journey or for those who are going to shift their house, office, or blessing kit. 


  • Abalone shell included [Shell size 5-6”]
  • Palo Santo or Holy Wood
  • White Sage Smudge sticks [Includes 3-4” bundles]
  • The sage smells so wonderful
  • The direction of use included
  • High quality and inexpensive


  • No stand to hold the shell
  • No feather included
My Lumina - sage incense sticks for spiritual chakra cleansing


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#4. Alternative Imagination - Sage kit with abalone & stand

Unlike some other kits, this smudging kit comes with a premium version of an abalone shell. In this kit set the size of the abalone shell can be chosen according to one's criteria of want. It starts from 5inches up to 7 inches with a difference of .5 inches between the two. Along with the size, there is another variety of natural and stained abalone shells.

Like some other kits, here a feather is not included and that’s why the smudging must be done with hand or a feather can be collected or can be done the process some other ways.

An astonishingly beneficial feather of the smudge sticks is, they can be used for yoga and meditation along with negative energy clearing and a very good home cleansing as well.

The wooden stand holds the large abalone shell very nicely and it can be also used as a decorative piece.

In this package, as three California sage bundles are included, smudging can be done several times for a long time.

Ultimately this smudge kit is also a very nice gift for friends, family, and relatives.


  • Premium abalone shell
  • Choice of a variety of shells
  • Three white sage smudge sticks
  • Large wood stand
  • For home fragrance, energy clearing, yoga, meditation


  • No feather
  • Chance of being heated up the shell
Alternative Imagination - Sage kit with abalone stand


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#5. Mama Wunderbar smudge kit

Unlike the other kits, this smudge kit comes with five varieties of smudge sticks such as white sage, Cedar, Flower Sage, Yerba Santa, and Palo Santo sticks. To do the smudging properly this kit comes with a booklet consist of instructions on what is included in the kit and how to do a smudging prayer. It is made of organic herbs with no added perfumes and is around 5 inches long each considering a diameter of 1.5 inches. The sticks last long as it burns pretty evenly.

Cedar is often used to cleanse a home or apartment when first moving in, inviting unwanted spirits to leave and protecting a person, place, or object from unwanted influences. Uniquely Cedar is a medicine of protection and is often used in sweat lodge ceremonies. It is said that cedar attracts the positive and eliminates the negative energy.

Similarly, Flower sage is made of lavender, rose, rosemary, or with different types of flowers which gives a beautiful aroma.

Identically, Palo Santo is a holy wood and works for purification. In detail, Palo Santo brings not only creativity, love but also good fortune for people who use it.

Yerba Santa is used for setting boundaries against negative energy and also used for increasing love and also reduces the pain stored in the heart which is an exceptional use of this wood as well as purification.

Like other kits, no other product is included here like the bowl, feather, or anything. Smudging should be done very carefully as no bowl is provided or another bowl except plastic material can be used for safety.

Additionally by using the entire sticks one after one the house or the objects can be purified perfectly.

In conclusion, this smudge kit can be a very attractive gift item if it can be merged with any other kit which includes an abalone shell, wood stand, and a feather. Anyone is bound to love this type of merged gift.


  • variety of smudge sticks
  • Handmade organic smudge sticks
  • Instruction card
  • Cedar, yerba santa, palo santo included


  • No bowl
  • No feather
  • Only smudge sticks
Mama Wunderbar smudge kit


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As shown above, the described smudge kits are the best sage smudging kits of Amazon in 2021 and Amazon always provides the best items as well. Meanwhile, the sage smudging kits are one of the easiest gifts for any occasion for anyone to use not only as smudging kits but also as decorative items. Above all, smudging kits are mostly used for smudging to get rid of negativity of all kinds rather than using it as a decorative piece. One equally important fact is that smudging gives a refreshing environment to the house.

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