NAG CHAMPA: The Mysterious Incense With Global Reputation

What is nag champa incense?

World renowned incense with flagrance aromatic

  • Nag champa is derived from a flower that has the blend of aromatic gums, resins, oils and spices. It an Indian fragrance incense with a distinctive and not too overpowering smell.
  • Champa is however, composes of ingredient like magnolia, frangipani and fine sandalwood, and hence makes it riches and glow in smelling.
  • This incense is primarily suitable for gathering thoughts when in meditation and creating spiritual and sacred space in one’s home.
  • And it is the most popular and recognizable incense fragrance across the globe for it is used in soap, perfume oil, candles and personal toiletries.
  • Nag champa incense is of different varieties of brand, there is like of satya sai Baba, Vijayshree Golden, Triloka , Goloka, all these Nag Champa incense are characterized with unique and delightful floral scent.
  • It is use to offer goodwill to the gods.

Champa is however, composes of ingredient like magnolia, frangipani and fine sandalwood, and hence makes it riches and glow in smelling


Nag champa incense sticks benefits

Unquantifiable profit you benefit from Nag Champa incense


#1. Aromatic incense

  • The aroma of Nag Champa is powerful, earthy and sweet, all at the same time.
  • However, its heaviness can turn out to be a little overpowering at sometimes, especially for young ones or those with respiratory issues. When you burn it emits a unique iconic incense smell.
  • Its aroma can be highly harmonious, and instill a mood of serenity and devotion.
  • Nag Champa stick is also a popular scent for other products such as soaps, perfumes and message oils.


#2. Masks unpleasant odors

  • With the perfume ingredients that vary in Nag Champa, in there, the presence of sandalwood and magnolia all this gives the scent of the incense a little more spices.
  • Nag champa sticks helps to override unpleasant smells and scents such as human sweat, body odor, pollution and fart.
  • This at the same time with its unique scent helps to eliminate any kind of bad odors, because its scent is unique and doesn’t easy to kill once it is burn.


Unquantifiable profit you benefit from Nag Champa incense


#3. Aphrodisiac

  • Nag champa is help to enhance and stimulate sexual desire for those that use the incense to in the house.
  • A conducive state of body and brain which it’s offered, ultimately enhance the sexual arousal for men and women when use in the home.
  • The sandalwood aroma which is prominent in Nag champa also frequently appears in both couples personal fragrances reason because of its ability to stimulate a state of arousal.
  • Having, said this, this incense sticks is as well uses to boost sexual drive between men and women with cinnamon and jasmine respectively.


#4. Health benefits

It has many special healthy advantages which its flammable scent offer humanities.

Such benefits are highlighted in the bottom;

  • It stimulates the immune system and ensures ultimate liver and kidneys functions
  • It acts as a repellent to insects and it is an antiseptic
  • It cures impotence 
  • It offers antiseptic and kill skin fungi
  • It also aids relaxing the mind when in anxiety or temper
  • It enhances sexual arousal and huge
  • It kills eczema and acne
  • It is also allows for body temperature to be warmed and moderate
  • It is helps in sanctifying, cleanse and purify our surrounding and space


nag champa incense has many special healthy advantages which its flammable scent offer humanities


#5. Aids in relaxation

Owing to the presence of some very adorable ingredients in Nag Champa, such as sandalwood, it makes it offers many aromatherapy benefits. As such it is very useful in yoga studio, house and store.

Below are some of its fantastic relaxation benefits;

  • It creates calm effect and kills boredom.
  • It reduces stress for its scent is very relieve and fascinating.
  • It ensures deeper meditative and thinking.
  • It ensures body tranquility and lessens tension.
  • It returns strength to human body and serve as motivation towards one’s work.


What is nag champa incense good for?

Amazing goodies you never know about Nag Champa incense

  • It helps to raise focus and creativity
  • It use for raising energy, adjust the stamina and or helps the ritual practitioner in achieving trance.
  • Nag Champa incense is use by meditation practitioner to achieve focus, calm and clarity.
  • It enhances astral projection and lucid dreaming.
  • It helps to boost stress after excessive work tiredness.
  • It improves skin freshness and clear rashes.
  • It can be burned to attract certain entities to a particular area.
  • It is useful for cleansing and exoticism.
  • It is use to overpower bad odors and other unwanted smell for an long time.
  •  It uses for creating nexus between ritual practitioner with deity
  • It is use to gain spiritual enlightenment or evolution.




Is nag champa incense toxic?

  • It causes more problems for pregnant ladies and people suffering from respiratory disease.
  • It may cause fire out burn when come in contact with a flammable material.
  • The ashes from the incense stick can discoloration the furniture
  • It can cause scare and burn when it is mistakenly torch by babies or pets
  • It flames when inhale can cause asthma or catarrh
  • It may cause nasal blockage upon exposing to incense stick
  • The level of incense chemical can cause lung cancer, a study by the National Cheng University in Taiwan
  • Research has also shown that nag champa incense can result to health disorder, like respiratory distress, headache, cardiovascular complication and undesirable lung transfer.


Is nag champa safe for dogs and cat?

Nag champa is not good for cats and dogs as it is dangerous for their longs, because  they are more sensitive to airborne substances that we are.

It pollutes their lung and may eventually lead to their dead.


Nag champa is not good for cats and dogs as it is dangerous for their longs, because  they are more sensitive to airborne substances that we are.


Best smelling nag champa incense sticks


#1.Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti Incense Sticks

Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense is made from mixture of herbs, floral extracts and oils. It was introduced to the United States market in the 1970's. 

The preparation consists of formulation of masala mix using natural extracts in the form of dough concerning the ancient method and is rolled by hand on the bamboo sticks.

This product is a combination of Champa flower, floral, Oriental-Spicy aroma with a base note of wood and patchouli. It is a reminiscent of Jasmine or magnolia flowers. =>Best quality incense sticks for relaxation and meditation

The aroma that emits from this agarbatti creates a soothing and calm environment 

  • Made in India
  • Weight: 250gram [ A box of 250g has 250 incense sticks]
  • The length of the individual stick is 8 inches. 

Note: If you like the Sai Baba Nag Champa scent it's worth buying in 250 gram size, as Amazon listed lowest price I've found anywhere.


Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Agarbatti Incense Sticks Box 250gms Hand Rolled Agarbatti Fine Quality Incense Sticks for Purification, Relaxation, Positivity

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#2. Goloka Nag Champa Incense Sticks

Goloka incense is a unique blend of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins & oils. It is free from toxic materials which brings you a safe and natural experience. Let the pure fragrance of Goloka incense gently waft into your life and fill with peace and devotion within, and with wonderful creation. It’s sweeter smelling and more earthy, if you are love the naturally made incenses, then you may want to give these incense sticks a try. They last for 40 or more minutes which is ideal for long periods of meditation

  • This box contains 12 packs of incense [16 grms]
  • Material type: Wood [It smell like sandawood]


 Goloka Nag Champa Incense Sticks (16 grms) - 12 Boxes

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#3. Nag champa Gold Incense Sticks

They are made in the finest masala tradition of India, natural herbs and resins are combined with floral extracts to create a natural blend, which is skillfully hand rolled onto a bamboo stick. 

These sticks burn slightly longer than others of its length, each stick burns for about 40 minutes or more. It's stick burn slowly, with a wonderful fragrance and lingering presence, to enhance any environment.

They are not popular but they're cheap and there are multiple buying options. This product is for new incense lover


  • 15 Sticks - 12 Boxes (180 Hand rolled Sticks total)

  • Certified clean-burning and non-toxic.

  • Buy from the original importer and SAVE!

  • This is manufactured by Nag Champa Spa


 Nag Champa Gold Incense 15 Sticks - 12 Boxes (180 Total)

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#4. Nag Champa Satya Gift Set - Good gift for Meditation and Relaxation

Made by the top incense company in the world, Shrinivas Sugandhalaya

They smell like real incense  and burn well, unlike some other products. This is actual Nag Champa incense,this product is made from natural materials. They burn for a long time, smell very strong during and after, it seemed to be a good product.

The different scents are so easily discernible and intense. This incense is strong so if you don't like it strong don't buy this pack. Take caution because they may be too strong for you.

Each box contains 15 grams of incense

Six different fragrances, this are the scents that you will receive: 

  • Sunrise

  • Celestial

  • Super Hit 

  • Nag Champa 

  • Sandalwood 

  • Patchouli Forest

Set of 6 Nag Champa Sunrise Sandalwood Patchouli Celestial Super Hit by Satya

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Tips: If you are looking at buying a burner along with your stick save yourself some money.

Get a small pot or bowl and fill it almost to the top with either salt, rice, beans, lentils, etc.

Then light your stick and place it in an upright position in the center of the bowl. it keeps the stick upright and eliminates fire hazard and ash mess. On top of being an ideal burner you can also invert the stick and smother it out in the bowl instead of wetting it or breaking of the coal.  If you just want your room to smell of incense then burn about an inch at a time.

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